Raiot needs you

Raiot is a webzine from Meghalaya, loosely associated with Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR).
We welcome unsolicited contributions at raiotwebzineATgmail.com. But we do reserve a right to edit your contribution (obviously in consultation with you). And often reject them, if they do not conform to our editorial emotion at that moment. We try to inform you of our publishing decisions, but sometimes out of laziness or embarrassment, we do not reply (it often happens with poetry).
Then comes the usual, when is it coming out question? Answer – when we feel it will work.
You could contribute essays, stories, poetry, photographs, artwork, music, video or even a curated selection of links.
Languages accepted English & Khasi.
And please don’t be taken in by the meaningful essays on the site – we encourage meaningless contributions.
If you are feeling lazy or are itching to contribute, use the contact form below to:

Editorial Collective:

Captain Swing

Phan Nonglait

Sojourner Truth


Nagisha Oshima


To know what Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR)  does, here is their original manifesto: