I am Woman

I am woman
Predictable, readable
Like blood on my bathroom floor.

I am woman and I crawl
Under the weight of your reason
Which measures me like cloth
Fit to be draped over the dinner table.

I am woman
Roughly, charmingly, frighteningly
As I cut through moving buses
And half empty-streets.

I am woman
Dancing on your imagination,
Sexy and demure,
Swallowed and vomited, all in a night.

I am woman,
Storing my feelings in an airtight container,
Keeping them within room temperature,
Just how you like them–
Controlled, disciplined and available.

I am woman- and you-
A human being,
Walking with grace
Under the light of your birthright,
Etched on your bones,
Present and Unacknowledged.

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Gertrude Lamare Written by:

Gertrude Lamare, scholar, pedagogue and a member of Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR),

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  1. Willie Gordon Suting
    January 23, 2016


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