I am a Hindu and in these murderous Hindu times
I think they won’t kill me
But what would I do if spared

Except, follow the reports of daily murders
Water the few plants I have
And wonder what could a helpless poet do
To push back these Hindu times

The neighbourhood Marriage Hall would remind me
That it is a place strictly for Hindu marriages
I would count the cars of the wedding guests at night

The shehnai of Bismillah Khan will play on freely the whole night
Giving hope that secular times would return

The next morning will bring the news
Of a few more killings.


Translated by Asad Zaidi

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Amitabh Written by:

Amitabh is a poet based in Darbhanga, Bihar

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  1. Meenakshi
    May 18, 2017

    It says translated. I was hoping to read the original. I presume it’s in Hindi. Even otherwise, I would be glad if I may see and read the original.

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