Patriotic Lovearia – a photoessay

Blood pressure is rising across the country. It is caused by a new viral fever called patriotic nationalism. Here are a few images of mild and not so everyday symptoms of Patriotic Lovearia we are suffering from.


SYMPTOM 1: Our chests bulge. It happens twice a year. Around August 15th and January 26th.


Symptom 2: Savdhaan or attention pose when National Anthem us played. This is in a theatre. Those with extreme fever among us are likely to attack people who do not stand.


Symptom 3: A strong desire to redraw maps and call ourselves Deshbhakts.


Symptom 4: Experience pain for wounds of the past, inflicted by enemies and a desire for revenge for those who allegedly eat free Biryani.


Symptom 5: Worship a communist and atheist because we think he liked violence and was not a non-violent Gandhian.


Symptom 6: A desire to hold candle-lit vigils.


Symptom 7: Decorate our muscular cars with symbols that warn others of our condition.


Symptom 8: Hoist flags twice a year and play patriotic songs very early in the morning on those holiday to inoculate the lazy with some love for the country.


Symptom 9: Wearing khadi, kurta or pyjama and a politician cap. Handwritten message on the caps have also been observed.


Symptom 10: The urge to use the fever to make people do things that are totally unrelated.


Symptom 11: Writing “Make Indian Great Again” in public spaces


Symptom 12: Causes people to miss seeing the place behind Mother India’s crown burning for over 100 days. dsc00790-2

Symptom 12: Some of us are born with it. And you?



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