Random Drinking Poem

If I had not loved thee,
The days would seem brighter
and the nights less dark
Maybe I’d see the sun everyday
and feed the ducks at the park.
If I had not loved thee,
I would have career prospects
a job, a title and a resume
Maybe I’d build a nice house
and buy a car with my pay
If I had not loved thee,
I would have loved her more
and taken her for dinner more often
Maybe we could’ve done that shit,
her calling me everyday at ten
If I had not loved thee,
I would start to empathize
really care for those I’m around
Maybe I’d start listening and loving
instead of thinking about the next round
But I love thee,
sweet liquid balm to my soul
you preside over me like a deity.
Drink up and worship in screams
because nobody gives a fuck about society.

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