Not a Man’s world

Who said men can’t be funny? They are hilarious when they think they are somehow valid. I guess you just have to pity the poor man-babies!



True story. IQ gap is real, so is the wage gap!



This is the kinda crap that makes me want misandry so bad. BEFORE mocking and ridiculing these girls, one should wonder what would drive these girls to protest like this. The statistics would suggest that on average those girls in the picture are more likely to have higher IQ’s than a phallic ridden male! So these ladies’ actions are driven by reason and purpose. These are in fact Argentinian girls protesting against the violence and high crime rates against women and girls. Ignorant, low-life males would ignore their purpose in protesting and simply insult their bodies and their movement. Stop shaming the female body!

Oh boo-hoo!

Stop wasting time with your jibber jabber!


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