9 Bhakt Wisdoms about Demonetisation

Pratik Sinha’s short guide to Bhaktisms about #Demonetisation

1. Do poor have 500 notes?

Yes, they do you ignorant fool. Even a salary of as little as Rs 2000 used to be paid in 500/1000 notes. Not 100 notes. It made up a whopping 87% of the currency.

2. He/She was old. Could have died at home too. How can you blame demonetisation?

He/She was old. Which is why they needed to be at home, and not having to stand in bank queues for hours together. It is why jobs have a retirement age. Especially with winter setting in, it would be disastrous for senior citizens. Demonetisation has been the most brutal on senior citizens.

3. Things are difficult, but it is for the greater good of the nation.

Okay, please let us know which one of your mother/father/daughter/son/sister/brother/mama/chacha are you willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the nation. We’ll make them stand in the queue instead of the old and sickly. Also, make them forgo a couple meals everyday the way many people have had to.

4. Look how India is changing to digital transactions overnight…

If you demolish all Indian style toilets and have only 10% of all the toilets available previously in form of western toilets, you’ll see that everybody who used to squat till yesterday will be standing in long queues in front of western style toilets waiting for their turn to empty their bowels, some might even yellow their pants not being able to get their turn in time. You will see that suddenly people are changing their shitting behavior all over India.

5. Why are people not going to Govt Hospitals? They accept old notes.

In India, Govt Hospitals are not known to be the best in medical care. When your loved one falls sick, is critical, you want the best medical care possible. Which is why people turn to private hospitals. And it is criminal that people are not able to access their own hard earned money in such times. While weddings and other such events getting delayed are an issue, and it has caused a lot of hardships to people, but that can still be probably managed in most cases. But there can be no excuse when a sick person cannot get access to their own money for his own healthcare leading to a death in the family. Moreover, there have been many reports of even Govt hospitals not accepting old notes.

6. Wait for a few months before you criticize the move.

Achha, did you wait for a few months before you called it a masterstroke?

7. Oh, how much black money did you have you anti-national, sickular, libtard, commie?

Firstly, try thinking beyond binaries. Secondly, those who have black money have converted most of theirs at a commission. Also, do you think Ambani’s billion dollar home Antilla was made out of white money? Majority of the black money is in properties/gold/land. According to various Govt bodies, only 6% of the black money was in cash. Why didn’t Modiji target the 94% first? He didn’t because Ambani would have sent him off on the first flight to Timbuktu forever.

8. You can stand in queue for the tickets to 1st day 1st show of a movie but cannot for the bank?

Most people who are standing in queues belong to the lower economic strata of the society. By 30 days, it should be amply clear that most of those who own even a basic car such as a Tata Nano have access to facilities such as internet/netbanking/digital transactions. They are the ones who actually queue for 1st day 1st show movies, not the ones who are standing in queues. It is the daily wagers who probably have never seen the inside of a multiplex and are having to lose wages for multiple days are the ones who are standing in maximum number in the queues. Try thinking of the terrible situation in rural areas where there are sometimes only 2-3 banks in a district unlike cities which have ATMs at every 2nd cross-road.

9. Oh, so who do you want instead? Rahul aka Pappu or Kejri the Nautanki?

I’ll take anybody, yes anybody, who doesn’t kill people via hair-brained public policies over Mr Modi. And I’m not even going into Mr Modi’s past which featured Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi.


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Pratik Sinha Written by:

Pratik Sinha is a software engineer and runs Truth of Gujarat website

One Comment

  1. Narendra
    December 15, 2016

    You have been criticizing Modi since a long time. You were never bothered about the poor when UPA was in power.
    Corruption has taken away millions of jobs, has made millions of people poor and has retarded the country’s progress. For you this is ok. That’s why you are ok with even Pappu or Kejri!
    Fortunately for this country, majority of the people are not thinking like you. They are happy with demonetization. Majority have elected this government and have given them 5 years time to rule and put it back on the track of progress which was started in 1998 and abruptly stopped in 2004.
    So, instead of showing your intolerance to Modi and bhakts, try to introspect. Try to understand why majority voted for Modi and why majority are still happy after standing in queues after demonetization.
    And if you want Pappu or Kejri and anybody else from your mental asylums, wait patiently till 2019. This is democracy and your hate politics doesn’t have any place here.
    You can use all that in your communist countries of China, USSR, North Korea, etc. If you wish, you can migrate there and live happily. You don’t have to worry about us. We will take care of ourselves and our country. If our countrymen are not happy with the government, they will choose to change the government in 2019. This is called democracy. I know that, you are communist and don’t understand democracy. I am very sorry for this.

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