Are You Deserved?

You Dirty Dalit
Are You Deserved?

Did You Ever Come To Class
Without Late?

Did You Ever Write Exam
Without Attendance Problem?

Did You Ever Submit
Assignments In Time?

Did You Ever Open Your Mouth
In Classroom Debates?

Did You Ever Meet
Your Guide In Time?

Did You Ever Register for Sem
Without Late Fee?

Did You Ever Attend
Seminars, Conferences?

Did You Ever Pose a Question
In Seminars, Conferences Even Classroom?

Did You Ever Feel Shame
For Doing PH.D From 8 Years?

Did You Ever Shy
To Eat Food In Mess?

I Am Asking
You Dirty Dalit!

Are You Deserved to Be
In University?

Are You Deserved
To Avail Fellowship?

Hey Dalit… Please
Have Some Shame Yaar…!


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Murali Ramathoti Written by:

Murali Ramathoti, Ph.D scholar, Hyderabad Central University

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