Author: Ankita Anand

Writer-poet Ankita Anand is a co-founder of the street theatre group Aatish. In the past, she has been secretary, National Campaign for People’s Right to Information; copy editor, Penguin Books India; coordinator, IHC Indian Languages’ Festival; and member, People’s Union for Democratic Rights.

April 26, 2017 /

Assam’s Debjani Bora, who has won gold at the national level for her javelin throws, was targeted as a witch in 2014 in the state and assaulted, of all the places, in a community prayer hall. Debjani’s case puts into question one of the biggest myths around witch-hunting, that it takes place only due to superstition, ignorance and lack of education in far-flung remote villages, and among poor, uneducated people.