Author: Nathaniel D. N. Majaw

Nathaniel D. N. Majaw is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mass Media, St. Anthony’s College, Shillong and teaches filmmaking, Photoshop and graphic design. He is also the Project Director of The Northeast India AV Archive which is supported by the Tourism Department, Government of Meghalaya and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan.

April 18, 2021 /

The first record of any European having crossed the Khasi Hills from one valley to the other is that of the journey made in 1824 by David Scott, the Agent to the Governor-General on the North East Frontier with headquarters at Sylhet. In 1826 the Syiem of Nongkhlaw was persuaded by David Scott to allow the construction of a road across the Khasi Hills. In 1833 Cherrapunji was established as the headquarters of the hills districts. For the next twenty years all effort was concentrated on establishing communication between Cherra and Sylhet.