Author: Ranjana Padhi

Ranjana is a feminist activist and writer based in Bhubaneswar. She has co-authored Resisting Dispossession: The Odisha Story (Aakar Books, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) and Those Who Did Not Die:The Impact of the Agrarian Crisis on Women in Punjab (Sage Books, 2012).

January 26, 2022 /

Rural India faces many calamities be it natural disasters, corporate acquisition of forests, lands and village commons, or migrant workers walking back hundreds of kilometres from hostile cities due to pandemic lockdowns.  In Odisha on the eastern coast, the macabre theatre of capital’s insidious appropriation of agricultural land and village commons is being resisted bravely once again by villagers of Dhinkia of Jagatsinghpur district in collective barricading from the clutches of state-supported Jindal Steel Works Utkal Limited.