Author: Sanjana Ramachandran

Sanjana Ramachandran has studied engineering and business, and worked in software, content creation and marketing. She writes across forms about culture and society, and particularly enjoys exploiting the intersections between fields to unearth different ways of understanding the world. She has previously been published in The Caravan.

April 24, 2020 /

At a time like this, Kafka is imperative to inform ourselves of the experience of a life lived like this. His prescience has been evoked several times over the years, as elements of his stories have found parallels everywhere. During the Prague Spring in 1968, his works saw a resurgence after the ban because they mirrored the conditions under communism, capturing the emotional suffocation and paranoia of living under a faceless power. In 2011, the rape case of a Chinese official’s daughter by a mining magnate contained the all the ironic twists typical to a Kafkaesque, futile quest for justice.