Author: Shreegireesh Jalihal

Shreegireesh Jalihal is an Engineering student, a blogger, and a rationalist who likes to read novels in his spare time.

February 16, 2018 /

If there exists a phrase that can possibly account for the nature of anti-semitism in a way that showcases all of its contradictions and insecurities to the fullest, it is this piece of propaganda:
“We must first kill the Jew within us.”

July 10, 2016 /

In our society speaking about religion (forget criticizing it) is considered taboo. Heads turn around, eyebrows are raised and legs are shuffled uneasily whenever religion is mentioned. This atmosphere of terror around any public mention of religion is partly because of the mistrust and paranoia that has been (and is being) propagated and mostly due to the severe indoctrination of religious views, the fear of having them refuted, ridiculed or judged. Nobody ever likes to have public debates about God or religion here, because the “other” opinion is simply not allowed to exist. And yet, ironically, religion dictates the everyday life of society.