Bamboo Shoots – a film by Steven Ao

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Bamboo Shoots | 10 mins | Nagamese with English Subtitles |Cinematography : Durga Chitrak |Editing: Charitra Raj Gupta | Sound: Reshmi Sateesh | Director and Screenplay : Steven Ao

A film which goes behind the cuteness of childhood and comes out with dark Oedipal stuff. Mother love won’t ever be same after watching this film.

Steven Ao is Shillong based filmmaker and musician and he is of Naga-Khasi parentage.

Steven Ao

Steven Ao on Bamboo Shoots

My intention was to make a regional language film based on the theme of childhood and growing up. The story basically concentrates on the life of this boy who is really attached to his mother and sees his Father as an opposing force between them. It also touches upon other subjects like the boy’s mischievousness, his possessiveness for his mother and also his sexual curiosities.
This ten minute film was made in 2011 during my studies at Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute.

Film is also downloadable.
Bamboo Shoots Poster


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