(BREAKING NEWS) Gaming Giant EA to rebrand SIMCITY as Meghalaya for a worldwide release

After the Cleanest Village in Europe tag for Mawlynnong and Rock Capital of Panama tag for Shillong, Meghalaya adds another feather to its turban. According to agencies, EA, the makers of Sim City, have decided to rebrand it as Meghalaya. Their spokesperson had this to share with our SNN reporter.

[su_quote]We have always been on the forefront of virtual representation of life scenarios and one day, our CEO read about the CAG report on Meghalaya’s public works. According to the report, money has been spent on projects that do not exist yet in the physical realm. That is the next step of virtual reality, and something we want to develop as a product. We therefore think it is ideal to rebrand Sim City into Meghalaya. Their administration can teach us a thing or two about building things that don’t exist.[/su_quote]

Source  Shillong Non News – More Real than Real News




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