i have small eyes,
what do I do?
i have straight hair,
what do I do?
i’ve got much swag in my style,
what do i do?
and my heart is not black,
so what do i do now?

where do i hide my face?
where do i take admission?
India’s youth are after me!

hey chinky chinky chinky….

people call me chinky!
hi chinky,
hello chinky.
why do they call me that?

i admit i am chinky but you are also dark,
sorry,please don’t mind,
it was just an example.

Mummy, Papa, Grandpa, Grandma…
what have you done?
you all have only given me tension by making me chinky!
i am so chinky, i think I’ll go mad!
i am afraid of my own countrymen now.

people call me chinky!
hi chinky,
hello chinky.
why do they call me that?
“you are chinky”
“sexy chiny”
why do they call me that?


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Daniel Langthasa Written by:

Daniel Langthasa lives in Haflong, DIMA HASAO DISTRICT AUTONOMOUS COUNCIL, Assam and is the member of Digital Suicide

One Comment

    May 9, 2016

    Mr. Daniel it’s matter of education and consciousness that led to discrimate with other not regionalism. Not only north Indians North East people also do the same. I have experimented being corporate employee they make their own group not mingling with us. And invent such word for these people. I think best solution is encourage them to assimilate with us and form unity of u criticise there is tendency for these people to crisize. I am writing as neutral neither being north nor being east by simply as indian

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