[CURFEW-READ] Shillong for Tourists

Every fortnight, someone asks me
Where do we go in your hometown?
You know,
Not the touristy places:
Codeword for “We’re too rich for that!”

I tell them about all
The non-touristy places
Which are now touristy places
Thanks to all
The non-touristy tourists.

If I see ONE more picture
Of Dawki’s waters,I swear…
Why does no one notice the bridge
Hanging? Conformists at non-conformism,
Fucking non-tourists.

No one goes to Iewduh, now burning.
“Too crowded, eww”, they say.
Dirty and living, too like OUR city.
We are non-tourists,
It’s not even famous on Instagram!

Five days my city burns
And the non-tourists have disappeared.
Kashmir is burning too.
Where will you go now?
Fucking tourists!


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Waled Aadnan Written by:

Waled Aadnan is an alumnus of Presidency College, Calcutta, currently doing the 10-to-8 corporate routine.

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