Do you want a Revolution?

A Digital Suicide Maalsist-Lenonist musical manifesto from #Haflong

Digital Suicide – Song No 2 – on 2nd day of 2017. We, Digital Suicide, love to write music. It is so much fun and inspiring and with your support it is a life changing experience. Love you all!!!

Big Bang!
that’s how it all started,
GOD farted?

now we all dressed up
nowhere to go,
nothing to show,
money to blow
on foes and hoes…

karunga rap
marunga dab
badega swag.
rap mera game hain
rap me hi fame hain.
jalebi toh talegi
farebi badegi,
kyunki indie kalakar
ab pehnega,
adidas superstar……

yo chinky!
swag mera dekho!
I’m a desi rapper!
fuck that shit!

i got a pen
i got pineapple,
pineapple pen!
i got a friend
i got fuckable,
fuckable friend!

desh mera chor
par main chup chap,
dil dpak
dil dpak

let’s make white america great again!

50 din do mujhe sirf 50 din
yo mitron!
mujhe khoon do, main 2000 hazaar rupiya dunga
jio mere mitron jio,
aur mitron,
yeh gaana sirf paytm se kharido….

do you want a revolution?
let’s do it?
sorry, we are busy on the dance floor!


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Digital Suicide Written by:

Digital Suicide is band from Haflong, Assam

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