Domestic Workers of Meghalaya Need Govt. Support to Survive the Lockdown

Dated: Shillong
25th March 2020

Respected Sir,
First and foremost we express our gratitude to the government for taking several important steps to combat the outbreak of COVID-19 in our state.

As you know that majority of the women folks in our state are also domestic workers who earns their living with a basic minimum income, and even most of them are also single headed.

Sir, with due respect we request the government to also ensure security to the domestic workers population in our state. We have seen that the government has already allotted basic income package for the construction workers under the Construction Workers Welfare Board, and it is an appreciated move indeed.

Therefore in solidarity with the other mass population of the state the domestic workers of Meghalaya also wanted to strongly join hands in the lock down that has been announced by the government but at the same time we are also burdened with a trauma of survival, we really need the support of the government to ensure that we have a free ration and basic income package so that we will be able to feed our children especially at this time of crisis.

Thanking you and looking forward for a speedy assistance from the government

On behalf of all the domestic workers
Smti. W. Kharsyntiew
Advocacy Officer
National Domestic Workers Movement
Meghalaya Region.


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