[Download & Print] 2017 Calendar for the real Shillong taste

So, from the killjoys of Raiot, a new year gift (exactly a month late) for you to enjoy and download. Samrat Ray and his nostalgic graphic world of ML05‘s gastronomic banality. You can click on the images to view the gallery and scroll down to download high resolution pdf of the calendar to print. Also remember that we make this gift for personal purposes – any profiteering idiot wanting to sell the hardcopy will be appropriately dealt with.
And this special message is for those idiots who stole the name ML- 05 for a terribly overpriced restaurant/cafe on the road to Central Semen Bank, Upper Shillong – atleast be ashamed, very ashamed for your plagiarism and don’t even claim any connection to this calendar or else you shall drown in your commercial mediocrity…


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Samrat Ray Written by:

Samrat Ray, non resident Shillongite is a designer. His personal work can be seen at http://www.pikore.com/tag/PedanticGentleman

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