DROWN – a short film

a film by Dennis Konjengbam, Prateeksha Darabdhara & Bijoy Labuktongbam

[su_highlight background=”#e3e6dd”]Shillong. Tara is getting married in 3 days. On her bachelorette’s party, she falls into a pool to find herself in a world exactly like her’s but where she doesn’t exist.[/su_highlight]

[su_quote]This was our diploma film. After spending most of the given time in pre-production and script finalisation, we had only 2 months to shoot the film with almost no budget. With a Pink Scooty, a broken tripod and a DSLR , we set out to shoot a 28 scene film in under Rs. 8000.[/su_quote]


Tara Nair
Indrakshi Choudhury
George Dkhar
Vivek Das
Luce Kurbah
Beautymorn Synnah
Sonata Dkhar
Josiah Motors
Gregory Ford Nongrum
News Reader
Vaishali Das
Party friends
Aimesha Kurbah Mawlong
Erica Kharsamai
Benthunglo Patton
Best man
Pronoy Das
Wedding guests
Khushboo Sharma
Tage Yakang
Majani Begum
Neha Singh
Sushmita Chettri
Shatarupa Bhattacharjee
Bijoy Labuktongbam
Taxi Driver
Bah Duh
Restaurant customer
Dondor Lyngdoh
Restaurant Manager
Arjun B


Ellabella Suting, Damutskhem, James CM Pohsnem
Mass Media and Music Department, St. Anthony’s College.

Production Manager
Bijoy Labuktongbam
Edit & Screenplay

Dennis Konjengbam

Daisy Hasan
Ridalang M Tariang
Potassium Productions
in association with Purple House Productions
About the Filmmakers

Dennis KonjengbamDennis
Born in in Imphal, I always felt the need to tell stories; stories inspired by people and society around me. I live about about a block away from the red light district in Imphal. The people I met there, who grew up with me, though my parents forbid me to go there in the first place, has inspired me to tell stories. I never liked the idea of “normal”. Made over 30 short, documentary film and music videos in over 2 years of college. Now working in a multinational advertising agency, I spend more time mastering the craft of writing off camera. Graduated from St. Anthony’s College, Shillong in Mass Communication and Video Production.

Prateeksha DarabdharaPrateeksha
I consider myself as an upcoming journalist who enjoys shooting in my free time.

Bijoy LabuktongbamBijoy Kumar Labuktongbam
Graduate in Mass Communication and Video Production form St. Anthony’s College, Shillong. I love making films and managing for productions.I Grew up in a small town Shillong, As a freelance film maker I aim to make more films and keep making and managing for films. 


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