WE, THE PEOPLES OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute a PEOPLES’ MAHAGATHBANDHAN/GRAND ALLIANCE to save the Indian Constitution and to bring to justice the ruling fascists for their crimes against the Bahujan peoples, are faced with the immediate task of defeating them in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Why a People’s Mahagathbandhan?

We need a Peoples’ Grand Alliance because most of our parties have failed to come together to defeat the fascists. Our parties have failed us but we cannot let them be defeated by murderous forces of Sangh Parivar. The 2019 Lok Sabha elections will decide the fate of one-sixth of humanity threatened by fascist genocide.

Our Peoples’ Mahagathbandhan is a principled social alliance of Bahujan labouring peoples.
The principle that binds us is that our political differences should not come in the way of defeating enemies of humanity. Fascists are the common enemy of all our peoples and we have to fight them together despite our differences. This is a practical guide for realising the Peoples’ Mahagathbandhan through the Bahujan art of strategic voting.

The Strength of Peoples’ Mahagathbandhan

The fascists captured state power in India by unifying the imperialist Upper Castes and consolidating their votes. To defeat them, we have to bring together Bahujans of all oppressed nationalities, from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, from Punjab to Bengal, and from Nagaland to Kerala. The People’s Mahagathbandhan represents the majority as it is composed of Dalits, Adivasis, OBCs, Women, religious minorities, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities and all oppressed nationalities of the subcontinent- the BAHUJAN MAJORITY and their political organisations. Unlike the imperialist parties, the so-called regional parties are the real, authentic Bahujan-national parties. The Bahujan majority is the only political force that is strong enough to defeat the dictatorship of the minority Upper Castes.

Where We Are?

The anti-fascist mahagathbandhan, an idea that was converted into reality by the great Bahujan Leader Lalu Prasad Yadav, has not materialised as a subcontinental force. The idea of mahagathbandhan is not defeated; it has been successfully appropriated by the fascists themselves.

BJP has made up a mahagathbandhan of opportunistic, collaborationist parties from almost all the Indian states. As it stands, we have to now defeat their grand alliance, while accelerating the creation of a new, creative strategic alliance of our own. Congress, another imperialist Upper Caste party, has quietly withdrawn from the task of brining anti-fascist forces together.

The Leftists parties have not grown up to the Himalayan task. The Bahujan-national parties are too scattered or too weak to defeat the imperialist parties on their own. However, by strategically voting, we can still empower our parties, to capture state power from fascists.

The Bahujan Art of Strategic Voting

Parties have their election strategy. Our people need a voting strategy, of our own.

We must vote to defeat BJP, and we must strengthen Bahujan-national parties too, not Congress. However, it cannot be done without the help of Congress and the Leftists. We must strategically engage with Congress and the Left parties, based on a realistic assessment of the strength of Bahujan-national parties.

Every vote counts, but unequally.

Some votes in some constituencies can determine the outcome more decisively than others, especially when we are trying to consolidate votes for defeating the enemies of humanity.

We shall maximise the value of every anti-fascist vote, consolidate the Bahujan votes strategically across crucial constituencies, and thus vote as a historical bloc against the genocidal fascists. Not a single vote against Modi, the Merchant of Death, should go in vain.

Through constituency wise consolidation of votes, we can save the constitution from Upper Caste assault. We have to swing the results in our favour by decisively Bahujanising our votes.

What is to be done?

We shall reserve our votes for representatives from Bahujan-national parties wherever we are in a position to defeat fascist candidates in a direct fight.

We shall channelise our votes to Congress or Left candidates if they’re in a better position to defeat BJP in selected constituencies.

We shall not vote for candidates, irrespective of their party, who have committed hate crimes against Bahujans.

We shall vote exceptionally for candidates with a long history of working for the Bahujan-national cause, irrespective of their party affiliation (except NDA).

We shall appeal to Bahujan-national parties in NDA to work for the defeat of BJP from within, and not to return votes to BJP candidates.

We shall appeal to Congress and Left Parties to work for dividing the Upper Caste vote bank of BJP, by appealing to the secular and progressive sections among them.


We cannot transform India into a Bahujan Democratic Union without creating a Bahujan Front Government. The Bahujan Front shall be a Coalition of Coalitions that represents all our peoples. With the defeat of fascists in 2019, a Bahujan Front Government shall rule the republic, supported by UPA and the Left parties, and make it a real democracy.



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