Half life of MITRON

Why our Supreme Leader forgot the word in his New Year eve speech?

People have been wondering why Modi did not use the word “mitron” even once in his New Year speech.

The reason is very simple.

As everyone knows, a mitron is a new fundamental physical particle, like proton, neutron, electron, pion, muon, boson, fermion, lepton, gluon, photon, graviton, axion, saxion, branon, dilaton, majoron, chameleon, tachyon, baryon, meson, hadron, hyperon, pion, kaon, phonon, exciton, plasmon, polariton, polaron, magnon, anyon, plekton, pomeron, skyrmion, genon, instanton, dyon, geon, inflaton, spurion, diphoton, ion, tardyon, bradyon, and luxon.

As particle physicists know, most of these particles are unstable and have a “half life” after which half of them decay into another particle. After 2 or 3 half lives, most of the original particle is gone.

So it is with mitron. It had a half life of about a year. Three years later, it has completely transformed into the new fundamental particle known as the “merepyaredeshwasiyon.”

Also, the decay of fundamental particles is usually accompanied by a release of energy, in keeping with Einstein’s theory of relativity, to account for the missing mass.

In Modi’s case, the decay of the mitron particle over the past three years has been accompanied by the emission of copious amounts of bullshit.


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Dr. Seshadri Kumar Written by:

Seshadri Kumar is an R&D Chemical Engineer with a B.Tech from IIT Bombay and an M.S. and a PhD from the University of Utah, U.S. He writes regularly on political, social, economic, and cultural affairs at http://www.leftbrainwave.com

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