Happy Independence Day India

Happy Independence Day India
Congratulations for your recent achievements
You have blinded 300 Kashmiris
And killed above 40 Kashmiris in 32 days.
You did quite well.
Did you pat your self on your back?
Not only this
You have also proved AFSPA can kill and rape us
longer than 16 years of Sharmila’s protest against AFSPA

Happy independence day India
The difference between you and us is
you kill us for our land
And we kill cows for meat.
We didn’t know cows are your mothers.
But do you know what does it take to be a mother
In my hometown?
They have to disrobe their clothes
And protest against the soldiers
Who raped and killed their daughters
Yet the soldiers walked away free
singing your anthem tearfully
And awarded by your President
under the tricolour flag.
Our mothers keep awake whole night
To guard us from your midnight knocks
On our broken wooden doors.

Happy Independence Day India.
Thank you for the passports in your name
Even if you snatched away our right to life.

One of your leading newspapers’ journalist ask me
to send him a poem
For Independence Day celebration
I sent him a haiku
He wanted a sonnet
But with my amount of indianess
I think a three line haiku is good enough.
And I know I would not be paid for poems I write.

Happy Independence Day India
May your flag flutter freely in the air
Like freely falling warm drops of tear
On a child’s cheek who lost his father
In your soldier’s bullets
For he was born in Kashmir.


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Akhu Chingangbam Written by:

Akhu studied physics, but he sings of our times with his band Imphal Talkies

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