[Holiday Reading List] KASHMIR on RAIOT

What was #Kashmir doing in a zine from #Shillong? A selection

In 2016 – RAIOT became a Kashmiri word. Maybe it was the accidental cartography of India making Shillong share Instrument of Accession with Srinagar or just accidents of friendships, whatever be the reason – RAIOT had some of the key texts about Kashmiri Azadi uprising of 2016. Just a sample for your holiday reading.
Sunday, January 3 – My friend Shakir – a militant, a martyr (by Iymon Abdul Majid)
Saturday, January 9 – Mufti Mohammad Sayeed – a Cartoon obituary (by Mir Suhail)
Thursday, January 14 – Cartoon Guide to the Festivals of India Occupied Kashmir (by Mir Suhail)
Wednesday, January 20 – The Great Indian Killing Machine (by Iymon Majid & Mudasir Amin)
Tuesday, January 26 – Massacres by a Republic (by Rouf Dar)
Thursday, January 28 – Perfect Enemy (by Arif Ayaz Parrey)
Thursday, February 11 – Remembering Maqbool Bhatt (by Rouf Dar)
Sunday, February 21 – #StandWithJNU and/or #StandWithKashmir (by Raiot Collective)
Tuesday, March 1 – Kashmir in Indian Free Speech (by Rouf Dar)
Wednesday, March 2 – Face the Ghost of Afzal Guru when you #StandwithJNU (by Souradeep Roy)
Thursday, March 3 – #StandwithKashmiri (by Raiot Collective)
Monday, March 7 – Azadi – memoirs of a slogan (by Mohamad Junaid)
Thursday, March 10 – Dastan-e-Absence (by Khatija Khader)
Saturday, March 12 – Progressive hypocrisy (by Idrees Kanth)
Wednesday, March 16 – SAR Geelani – he-who-must-not-be named (by Prasanta Chakravarty)
Sunday, April 3 – Anyone but India – Cricket & Kashmir (by Irfan Mehraj)
Sunday, April 17 – A Kashmiri woman schools Chetan Bhagat (by Arshie Qureshi)
Monday, April 18 – Reports, Photos & Videos from the killing fields of Handwara, Kashmir(by Raiot Collective)
Wednesday, April 27 – More Than Fifty Shades of Indian Experts on Kashmir (by Rouf Dar)
Monday, May 2 – SEEING NOT LIKE A STATE : on Rollie Mukherjee’s images of Kashmir (by Mohamad Junaid)
Friday, May 6 – Kashmir whataboutery (by Dr. Mudasir Firdosi)
Tuesday, May 10 – Kashmir at the Limits of Postcolonial Nationalism (by Suvir Kaul)
Saturday, May 14 – The elephant inside NIT Srinagar (by Ashfaq Saraf)
Friday, May 20 – The Night of Martyrdom (by Qadri Inzamam)
Monday, May 30 – The Kashmiri Dust Storm Blowing in Rajasthan (by Vinayak Razdan)
Tuesday, June 7 – How not to #StandWithJNU (by Mohamad Junaid)
Sunday, June 19 – Just a Kashmiri Winter (by Asif Amin Tibet Baqual)
Monday, June 20 – Tales from Shopian – Kashmir (by Greeshma Aruna Rai)
Thursday, July 14 – The Restored Humanity of Commander Burhan Wani (by Mohamad Junaid)
Friday, July 15 – A Reply to Maj. Arya from an Indian Citizen (by Shiv Mann)
Sunday, July 17 – Kashmir – an Assamese poem (by Sananta Tanty)
Monday, July 18 – (WEB RELEASE) Jashn-e-Azadi : How We Celebrate Freedom (by Sanjay Kak)
Monday, July 18 – Blind Indian State (by Khalid Wasim Hassan)
Friday, July 22 – Kashmir: Dispatches from Behind a Siege (by Yasir Altaf Zargar)
Sunday, July 24 – Srinagar Curfew Poems (by Shrimoyee Nandini Ghosh)
Thursday, July 28 – A ‘Pakistani’ Pandit? (by Mona Bhan)
Friday, July 29 – Thinking of the Indian panhandler and Indian guns in Kashmir (by Ather Zia)
Sunday, July 31 – (Shocking) Kashmiri Stonepelters warn Bengali Tourists to Stop wearing Monkey Cap (by Arif Ayaz Parrey)
Saturday, August 6 – Diary of a Scarred Week (by Irfan Mehraj)
Tuesday, August 9 – Silent Images (by Masood Hussain)
Wednesday, August 10 – History of Art in Kashmir (by Mir Suhail)
Thursday, August 11 – Is Independent Kashmir Viable? (by Bilal Hussain)
Wednesday, August 17 – “Making spectacle out of people’s pain & agonies” (by Raiot Collective)
Friday, August 19 – India! This Is Your Democracy (by Raiot Collective)
Friday, August 26 – Nineteen Forty Seven Amnesia & Kashmir (by Iffat Rashid)
Thursday, September 1 – Azaadi is the Sound of July in Kashmir (by Rouf Dar)
Thursday, September 1 – Kashmir : Keywords of Deception (by Umar Lateef Misgar)
Wednesday, September 7 – “What empire has joined, let no man put asunder” (by Divyansha Agrawal)
Friday, September 9 – Stories India’s Kashmir Experts Don’t Tell (by Basharat Ali)
Friday, September 16 – On the arrest of Khurram Parvez – leading Kashmiri Human Rights defender (by Arif Ayaz Parrey)
Monday, October 3 – Arresting Human Rights (by Basharat Ali)
Wednesday, October 19 – KASHMIR ACTIVISM: POLITICS OF (IN)VISIBILITY (by Mudasir Wani & Asaf Ali Lone)
Tuesday, November 1 – Fire Thieves of Kashmir (by Arif Ayaz Parrey)
Wednesday, November 9 – EVERYDAY RESISTANCES IN KASHMIR: a hospital view (by Mehraj Bhat)
Thursday, November 10 – So who is Khurram Parvez? (by Raiot Collective)
Saturday, November 12 – India’s Zaal in Kashmir (by Rouf Dar)
Wednesday, November 23 – Survival & resistance in Kashmir (by Shahnaz Bashir)
Friday, November 25 – Don’t forget Kashmir (by Raiot Collective)


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