Did Rock On 2 plagiarise (Late) E. Brektist R. Wanswett’s famous Khasi song?

We, at raiot.in, have always been amused at the Rock On-2 saga of wedding band singers. When they were not singing badly or enjoying the largess of Meghalaya govt. or posting bad Instagram pictures or paying the local actors pittance, they were busy plagiarising/stealing/insulting one of the most well loved Khasi anthems called ‘U Paid Khasi Baiar’ by Late E. Brektist R. Wanswett. Bah Brek’s song popularly known as ‘u Khynriam u Pnar, u Bhoi, u War’ was written in the ferment of the Hill state movement and became the battle cry of the struggle. Bah Brek, one of the innovators of contemporary Khasi music was always careful about how his song was (mis)used. If the Bollywood mafia thought that they could get away with fraud they were mistaken – on 19th Feb 2016, Bah Brek’s family issued them a public notice carried by all the local papers.

Khynriam u Pnar

So watch the song sung by Bah Brek & his family in the documentary Gwalia in Khasia at 56.17



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