I am a BJP supporter. I am a vicious, bloody troll. Yes, that’s exactly what I am!

Vistap Hodiwala enters the vicious Hindutva muck exposed by the book I AM A #TROLL

It’s a slim book with big fonts.

And you will be done reading it from cover to cover in less than two hours.

However, let me make this clear… in a long, long time, we have not read a ‘slight’ book of that size whose significance can at all be overestimated.

Not only should you buy and read it yourself, do go out and buy enough copies to distribute these amongst friends and family.

Because all of us, without exception are surrounded by those misguided bad eggs in our social lives, people who still see enough virtue in that absurd political party to overlook the kind of behaviour it uninhibitedly and unabashedly projects and promotes.

I AM A TROLL is that kind of a book.

For the first time now, we have in-depth documentation of the goons of the BJP who have made social media (especially Twitter), a dark and depressing hellhole from where even our best and brightest cannot find a way to escape or recover.

With names, links, and page after page of screenshots by way of proof.

Swati Chaturvedi, the author of this slim but audacious volume, sick of that singular disgusting epithet ‘sickular presstitutes’ hurled everyday and herself at the receiving end of the most vicious rape threats and death threats, one day decided enough was enough to go out and devote two precious years of her life in service of this singularly depressing investigation.

She leaves no stone unturned in identifying one demented troll after another, all 26 of whom are followed no less by Mr. Modi himself and weaves a fascinating expose led in the main by Sadhavi Khosla, the one woman with a spine and conscience who decides to retrieve her sanity in time by saying NO to the bigots one fine day.

For good measure all these worthies carry that one description in their DPs which makes their chests swell with unalloyed pride – Blessed to be followed by PM Modi. And despite all the lies and abuses, they can rest easy in the fact that their hero will always have their back come what may!

I cannot thank Ms Chaturvedi enough. Or for that matter, Ms Khosla.

Because it was about time these ‘classy’ thugs of the online world were challenged and ruthlessly hauled over the coals; shamed for posterity and exposed for their shallow upbringings. Let their wives, sisters, mothers, friends and kids (even when they grow up 10 years from now) know about the words and expletives they have carefully chosen to show their lineage.

In richly documenting the sad and secret lives of these trolls, this work offers an even bigger comment on the kind of leadership that has gone out and actively stood by them. Not just stood by them, but led them aggressively day after day to build up a fascist narrative of hate and slander that India has never known until NOW.

As a party that has had no qualms in promoting a casual culture of rape, abuse and violence through their paid and unpaid trolls over 10 long years, BJP is clearly a party in a league of its own. Not Congress, not AAP, not even Samajwadi party is capable of so much bile on a minute by minute basis… in fact, no party can boast of these many supporters who seem like a bunch of unhinged perverts wanting to pass themselves off as nationalist Indians!

Rana Ayyub with Gujarat Files, and now Swati Chaturvedi with I Am A Troll; the women are leading this battle from the front lines.

And the least we can do is offer them our unconditional support and a platform wide enough to carry their message through the messy universe of India’s voting classes.

If this nation has to be reclaimed, these terrorists of the online world are ones who we truly need to be worried about.

India needs to be cleansed of their insidious influence once and for all.

Shame on them, and shame on us for having put up with them for as long as we have!


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