I am a northeast side country boy

There are some solid stereotypes against The North-eastern community in Mainland India, but violent retaliation is not the best away to go about it. So Rahul Rajkhowa wrote a rap in response to all the discrimination we receive. Hoping someday people will see us as regular human beings too.

I am a northeast side country boy,
Chasing dreams in a city where they try to treat me like a toy
Never really understood the ploy
But I stood my ground, nah I ain’t being coy

I stood my ground firm
Won’t burn
Can’t you learn?
I won’t turn.
My attitude is stern
So you better run.

Some of these guys got a problem with my style.
Hold on I’mma grow on you in a while.
My eyes close little bit little when I smile
But that don’t give you the reason to call me chinky.
Or that a girl from the east will come to you so easy.
See we all got class, we all got taste.
So you better not make your judgement in haste.
This song I did create.
Cause you associate, us…
With eating dogs and snakes, the way we dress and our ways.
You know there’s more to us
Like there’s more to you
Than gender, caste, racial discrimination.
God what the hell did you do to our nation?
Honour killings? What happened to all your feelings.
What’s the point in living, if you can’t love who you love.
So I’ll pause all the hate, give us all a chance.

You see where I come from
I’m not taught to hate.
My skin maybe any colour
But that don’t make you any better
We all the same race
With a different face.

I’m a hustler
I’ll be hustling
While these rich boys be sitting
at home and bragging.
About the things they bought
This that, this that yappityy yap yap.
How much of all that is really yours

Paisa phek
Mera phone dekh
Nayi Gaddi laya hu
Mere saath chal tu date.

You were born with a silver platter
That’s why all the Chitter chatter.
you didn’t do it on your own so it don’t really matter.

I don’t got a rich daddy paying all my bills
In this city I pay own bills
Yeah I do it for the thrill
Damn I came to kill.
Damn right I will.
When I put in Work I’m fired up like Kill bill.
Even in rough weather punch like Mayweather.


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