Images of Mother Teresa in Shillong (1975)

3 years after Meghalaya came into being and in the year of the emergency,  Mother Teresa  came to Shillong on an invitation of Kong Edith Kharshiing, wife of politician Mr. Martin Narayan Majaw. Their daughter Kong Agnes Kharshiing (and a RAIOT writer), sent us images of that visit from her family album. Mother Teresa was well known but not yet a Nobel Star.

Raiot’s interests in these images are not sectarian and hagiographical but archival (and to be honest just a wee bit Clickoholical). Much more than the presence of the ‘Mother’, it is the faces of local dignitaries which are fascinating.  Kong Agnes has tried to caption some of the names but for other’s do put your guesses in the comments.

Mother Theresa 1

In Guwahati Airport with Kong Edith Kharshiing
Mother Theresa 2

With Mrs. N. Snagma, wife of Capt. Williamson Sangma, Chief Minister

Mother Theresa 3 copy

Mother Tereas with Capt. Williamson Sangma, Meghalaya’s first Chief Minister on a fund raising drive
Mother Theresa 4 copy

Nuns from Missionaries of Charity with Mr. Nari K Rustomji, Chief Secretary and an amateur anthropologist at Nongpoh Leprosy ColonyMother Theresa 5 copy

To the left of Mother Teresa is Fr. Bianchi. To the right is Mr. Martin Narayan Majaw

Mother Teresa 10

WMother Theresa 6

An appeal from Kong Edith Kharshiing to support Mother Teresa’s work

Mother Theresa 7

With Fr. Bianchi of Laitumkhrah Cathedral in Fidelis Cottage. Laitumkhrah. In the house of Tilda Narayan Majaw

Mother Theresa 9


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Agnes Kharshiing Written by:

Agnes Kharshiing is a leading human rights activist from Meghalaya. She is a leader of CSWO (Civil Society Women's Organisation)

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