Looking beyond the petty worlds of Campus Radicalism

Now that it is very clear to everybody that the most famous and influential Indian campuses such as UoH and JNU have proved that they cannot overcome their local petty ego problems/narrow-mindedness of the organisations, even in the face of Modi and attacks on the very idea of Higher Education, after carrying out heroic struggles and inspiring battles, beyond their means and thus inspiring the whole nation and even the world that all is not lost in India to fascists and their is fighting back and fighting, while thanking the campuses and their organisations and standing in full support of them, we will have to make the difficult but absolutely important choice of not looking towards the campus organisations for the directions or models for how to fight Hindu Nazis in power in india.

In fact, the narrow-minded organisations on the campuses, both lower caste/Dalit/Muslim/NE/Kashmiri orgs and Stalinists (CPM/Naxal) can even actually divide and create bad blood and thus harming the the absolutely important unity of Minority, Oppressed or Occupied Nationalities, Dalits, Lower Castes and the liberals, progressives and non-Stalinist left.

Rarely so much depends on so few people, particularly those who are not up to the task of such mammoth proportions, and sadly these students leaders are not good enough to even sense the enormity of the stakes involved.

The history has thrust too much of a responsibility on the students of the campuses and they rose up to its challenges initially remarkably well. However, their progressive role might have come to an end, they might from now on only mislead the whole anti-Hindutva alliance across the country or make it difficult, if not impossible. (Only a criminally irresponsible can now think that Dalits, Muslims, Lower Castes, various imprisoned nationalities caught in Indian Union can afford to be in isolation from each other against the onslaught of Genocidal Hindu Nazists in power with ever growing popularity and almost certainly a war to break out sooner or later.

Later it happens, weaker our combined force would be. A war will eventually finishes off everybody including the Hindu Nazis but the list of victims begin with us. We will not remain to see the defeat of Hindu Nazis after Genocide, War and destruction.

The Hindu left with its insistence on its centrality and preeminence and firm refusal to work under the leadership and directions of the anti-Hindu forces, and the increasingly effective police penetration, and Sangh-funded NGOs-sponsoring anti-Left demagoguery make both major non-fascist forces on the campuses unfit for the task of providing a sensible model for defeating the Hindu Nazis.

It is high time we turned our attention to elsewhere for inspiration and direction, not any more to the students orgs and leaders who buried the most basic commonsense of antifascism even in their most important campuses, to strengthen struggles such as Una Dalit fight against Hinduism/Hindutva and their much-needed multiplication all over the country.


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Chittibabu Padavala Written by:

Chittibabu Padavala is a Dalit Activist and Journalist

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  1. Deboleena
    September 29, 2016

    Please explain the term “Hindu Nazis.” Sounds like a paradox to me.

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