Indian Girl Blues

Many moons ago
I met an Indian, a friend of a friend.
She said she forgot her ‘fair and lovely’ cream
But she could not forget Odomos, mosquito repellent.
She wore her boots till her knees
She is scared of leeches
As we sleep and breath with leeches.
She looked like she was ready for guerrilla warfare.
Her torch light was longer than those carried by CRPF.
She said my Hindi was fine I told her I studied in Jamia
She asked,”Do you know Ghalib?”
I said I have seen the statue.
She said, “She loves dogs”
What she meant was she doesn’t eat dog meat.
I said, “Me too, I love beef Biryani”
She asked if she is safe in my town
I told her it is her people who are guarding the town.
“Every hillock you will find your people
With the sophisticated guns
If you go closer you might smell it like home.
You are much safer than me in my town”
Then she felt fine I took her to Sekmai
She caught her flight back to her home
Happily pronouncing Sekmai as Sengmai


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Akhu Chingangbam Written by:

Akhu studied physics, but he sings of our times with his band Imphal Talkies

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