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-#GraminBihar- Inside Sahibganj-Danapur InterCity Express, this woman in red, sitting by the window seat as the train passes through the green fields of Bihar, gives up after unsuccessfully trying to console and calm her two kids – by slapping their faces and shoving their heads – who kept crying till she got down from the train. It wasn’t, however, an unusual scene for me. Born and brought up in a small village in Bihar (now under Jharkhand), this is how I’ve known the mothers to calm their crying kids. Be it inside the confinement of the house or in the open amidst a public place. It was, however, surprising for me to witness the same behaviour even after almost 2 decades has passed since I moved out of Bihar/Jharkhand. Some things, I guess, will never change. ______________________________________ #windowseatproject #indianrailways #trainstories #indiantrain #journey #traveldiaries #train #rail #railway #india #bihar #culture #mothers #children #parenting #indians #travel

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Sadho Ram is from a Hiranpur village in Jharkhand in Pakur district. He has been in Delhi for almost 3 years now. He reached Delhi via Ranchi, Calcutta & Bombay

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