KHADC attempts to turn Khasis into Khap Panchayat

The gender biased KHASI HILLS AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT (KHASI SOCIAL CUSTOM OF LINEAGE)(SECOND AMEDMENT) BILL, 2018 is a violation of the fundamental right of a Tribal women.

Proposed Amendment

Our ancestors never dreamt of killing a society so rich in kindness and respect but was willing to allow even the men to ‘tang jait’ (take in a new title for their wives). How can a custom that has been there for ages be scrapped by an unconstitutional decision of a few and deny a Tribal Woman and her Children their Tribal rights. How can a tribal woman just lose her right just because she marries a Non-Tribal man. What crime has she committed?

This decision to discriminate against woman is more like a Khap Panchayat in our backyard waiting to pounce on women. For the information of many supporters of the bill many Khasi men too oppose the bill and are surprised that such a hasty bill was passed. No doubt there is concern for the indigenous Tribe by many, even by those not belonging to this particular Scheduled Tribe, but outcasting women from their fundamental rights is unconstitutional and violative of their personal Rights. Tribal Women too, have a right to chose their partners in life and do not need a Khap Panchayat like diktat to stop them.

Bringing in such an act at this point also may deny many Christians from performing their religious belief as Christians are not stopped from marrying a Non Tribal.

KHADC does not issue Scheduled Tribe Certificate, but the State Government does under the Constitution (Scheduled Caste) Order 1950, the Constitution (Scheduled Tribe) Order 1950, as amended by the scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe list (Modification) Order, 1956, the Bombay Reorganization Act 1960, the Punjab Reorganization Act, 1966, the State of Himachal Pradesh Act 1970, The North Eastern Area (Re-organization) Act 1971 and the Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe Orders (Amendment) Act 1976.

Can the law passed by the KHADC overwrite the laws passed by the Centre? And can the Governor of Meghalaya, assent to an unconstitutional Bill which is demeaning and Discriminating Tribal woman and their children? Benami is rampant by many greedy Tribal men and many leaders, yet KHADC remained blind to this fact and zoomed in only on Tribal women. This bill for me, smells of Formalin Fish…

If no one does I will challenge this amendment if it ever becomes a law!


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Agnes Kharshiing Written by:

Agnes Kharshiing is a leading human rights activist from Meghalaya. She is a leader of CSWO (Civil Society Women's Organisation)

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  1. Tarcis mawlot
    July 26, 2018

    Ngam shym mut ban kyrshan lane pyrshah ia ka jing ong jong ki nong thoh,hynrei U Blei u LA buh ia u symbai jong ka long bynriew man bynriew ha u shynrang ;bad ka science kat kum ka biology ruh ka pynshisha ia kata.. Nga kyrpad ia ki nongpule ban pule ia kine ki lynnong bible harum ban kham ioh jing shai shuh shuh. jen 1:26/Jen 11:26-28/Jen 10:1-32/1Kor 11:9,10/Eksodus 13:12,13. Lada ngi kwah ba ka jinglong tynrai ka jaitbynriew kan Sah, ki kynthei khasi kidei ban shongkurim da u khasi namar u symbai sohmynken na ri Thor u mih sohmynken haba thung ha ri lum ruh.

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