#Kobornor, #Lumbatbor, #Khor & other #hashtags from SHILLONG FTW!!!

#shillongFTW #touchmyself #kobornor #dorphang  #kissoncheek #gothejob #meme

Meme factory of SHILLONG FTW (with unpaid labour) has been on a roll. They be like cleaning the cesspools of Shillong overtime. Their brave lo-fi commentary on Shillong pretensions are talk of all dongs and angry bongs. To honour this resigned Kobornor with Grandfatherly touch – Shillong FTW left no gossip unturned. Just a sample. For those not from the land of the Cleanest Village in Europe and Michael Owen motherland, call us up for translations. Just go ahead and like them before they are like banned.


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  1. Cecilia
    January 28, 2017

    Dorphang rapist….shame shame shame on him..

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