Last Words of Rohith Vemula

Good morning,

I would not be around when you read this letter. Don’t get angry on me. I know some of you truly cared for me, loved me and treated me very well. I have no complaints on anyone. It was always with myself I had problems. I feel a growing gap between my soul and my body. And I have become a monster. I always wanted to be a writer. A writer of science, like Carl Sagan. At last, this is the only letter I am getting to write. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]I always wanted to be a writer. A writer of science, like Carl Sagan.[/perfectpullquote]

I loved Science, Stars, Nature, but then I loved people without knowing that people have long since divorced from nature. Our feelings are second handed. Our love is constructed. Our beliefs colored. Our originality valid through artificial art. It has become truly difficult to love without getting hurt.

The value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind. As a glorious thing made up of star dust. In very field, in studies, in streets, in politics, and in dying and living.

I am writing this kind of letter for the first time. My first time of a final letter. Forgive me if I fail to make sense.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]My birth is my fatal accident. I can never recover from my childhood loneliness. The unappreciated child from my past.[/perfectpullquote]

May be I was wrong, all the while, in understanding world. In understanding love, pain, life, death. There was no urgency. But I always was rushing. Desperate to start a life. All the while, some people, for them, life itself is curse. My birth is my fatal accident. I can never recover from my childhood loneliness. The unappreciated child from my past.

I am not hurt at this moment. I am not sad. I am just empty. Unconcerned about myself. That’s pathetic. And that’s why I am doing this.

objects in mirror are (never) closer than they appear. (From Rohit's Facebook Wall)
objects in mirror are (never) closer than they appear. (From Rohit’s Facebook Wall)

People may dub me as a coward. And selfish, or stupid once I am gone. I am not bothered about what I am called. I don’t believe in after-death stories, ghosts, or spirits. If there is anything at all I believe, I believe that I can travel to the stars. And know about the other worlds.

If you, who is reading this letter can do anything for me, I have to get 7 months of my fellowship, one lakh and seventy five thousand rupees. Please see to it that my family is paid that. I have to give some 40 thousand to Ramji. He never asked them back. But please pay that to him from that.12487095_10156329841080315_1319418043815133185_o

Let my funeral be silent and smooth. Behave like I just appeared and gone. Do not shed tears for me. Know that I am happy dead than being alive.

“From shadows to the stars.”

Uma anna, sorry for using your room for this thing.

To ASA family, sorry for disappointing all of you. You loved me very much. I wish all the very best for the future.

For one last time,

Jai Bheem

I forgot to write the formalities. No one is responsible for my this act of killing myself.
No one has instigated me, whether by their acts or by their words to this act.
This is my decision and I am the only one responsible for this.
Do not trouble my friends and enemies on this after I am gone.


Chittibabu Padavala writes: Scientist, activist and Ambedkar Students Association leader Rohith Vemula was found dead in a hostel room on the University of Hyderabad campus.Suicide! He was one of the activists on hunger strike from yesterday on the campus against the illegal and demonstrably false case framed against them by the administration. Rohith went out of the tent to a hostel and hanged himself, leaving a suicide note. It was at the behest of BJP leader Bandaru Datttreya, the puppet VC started persecuting these students/scholars. This scandal was exposed in the media recently too.
Rohith was one of the five student leaders who were served suspension notice recently by the University of Hyderabad’s administration. A fellow activist says it is nothing but a murder. Indeed, it is.

University students gathered at the moment at Rohith’s hostel. They are refusing to let Rohith’s dead body be removed unit Vice-Chancellor is present.
Among us, younger generation of Dalit Marxists, Rohith alone is the man of action while most of the rest of us are either taking a break or retired. None ever doubted for a moment that it would be Rohith who would formulate and put to practice the right and effective political paradigm on central universities in Hindutva times. He embodied the rare combination of energy, intellect, principled conception of politics and open-mind among the campus Dalit leaders.
One of the reasons for which Rohith and others were persecuted by the administration is that he was seriously organising campaigns and programs to highlight persecution of, and discrimination against Muslims and worked to bring Dalits and Muslims together to combat it, on campus level. If these activists are not Dalits and their fight was not against Hindutva fascism, this false case and persecution of Dalit scholars would have attracted national and international attention and outcry.
I am unable to completely believe this actually happened and Rohith is dead. I still hope against hope that there will be another call cancelling this unmanageable blow to the student movement and also one that strikes some of us very personally. Legendary student leader Dr. Vulli Dhanaraju is devastead. He knows Rohith well and Dhanaraju says this shocking action uncharacteristic of and unexpected from somebody like Rohith must be to highlight the unprecedented and unacceptable things happening on the campuses and call national and international attention to them and to shake the conscience of the public, including the Dalit faculty on campuses. He also points that though suicides of Dalits students and scholars are not unknown, it is never Dalit activists and leaders who kill themselves. It is a first, at least in a Central Institute, he says. For the veteran student leader, what Rohith has done is a supreme sacrifice and not any act of desperation. There should be a case against the criminal VC and he must be made to resign.
I am unable to absorb the fact that Rohith is no more. Cannot say anything at the moment. The struggle is on. University of Hyderabad students are fighting. Support and solidarity to them.
I have been arguing for a long-time that the real solution to the suicides for Dalit students on the campuses – before the ultimate solution of the end to discrimination – Dalits should own up their untouchable identity openly and proudly and take to activism as Dalits. Now, here is my own friend and dear comrade, a student leader of national standing and achievement, a bright and promising Dalit Marxist, kills himself!! It is difficult to take. We will ensure that your death is not in vain, comrade Rohith Vemula!



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  1. Sasi
    January 18, 2016

    Good riddance.. This filthy low caste Harijan douchebag killed himself. That makes him a looser. I wish the same happens to all low -level births.

    • SB
      January 18, 2016

      SASI – It’s people like you that are the scourge of Indian democracy, pluralism and all that’s good about this country. A young man is led to death and THIS is what you have to say. For shame!

      • bharath
        January 19, 2016

        This is a fake name… could be a anti national or anti hindu person. wants to bring bad name to the religion… No one thinks as such.

    • Democratic Indian
      January 19, 2016

      You sound like a mother fucker!

  2. Rabeeha
    January 18, 2016

    and you sir, just proved by your one comment who in reality is the scumbag. Thank you for taking time to comment so that the whole world sees what Dalits and Muslims face in a so called democracy.

    • Ali
      January 18, 2016

      Muslims? They are the biggest enemies of democracy.

  3. rajesh
    January 18, 2016


    may your near and dear ones soon find themselves in similar helpless condition and forced to take such drastic actions. For no-one and supreme and remains at top all the time, and your arrogance and fake superiority complex be busted then.

  4. Ranjit
    January 18, 2016

    I am myself Dalit from Bengal. This marxist filth who are bringing bad name to our Hindu ethos should be abolished. No Hindu should be bootlicker of Muslims. Jai Hindu Rashtra.

  5. Vicky V
    January 18, 2016

    RIP my friend. This is why Im proud to be a Christian in India and can’t thank enough my forefathers for converting. Hinduism was created to make 3/4th of the society a slave for the 1/4th. Backward caste people must brace themselves for continuation of thousands of years of torture and slavery if current govt stays in power. May God give strength to you.

    • sam
      January 19, 2016

      you mean Christian ?? follower of Vatican The Jew killer ?? religion Which produced most murderous history on earth ? Father of Religious slavery ?

    • amblore
      January 19, 2016

      very Irresponsible expression….extremely childish, immature, negative and biased and actually incorrect.

    • Saurabh
      January 22, 2016

      So the British, American and Portuguese Christians ruled without any slavery black , brown or red. Disgusting comparison!

  6. Ali
    January 18, 2016

    Poor man. Based on what he expressed in this letter, he was obviously suffering from very serious depression. ‘Not feeling anything’ like he said is a major sign. I wonder why those close to him didn’t pick it up. Were they even his friends? I wonder why these very personal thoughts of his are being revealed to the public? I wonder why the headline will always start with the word ‘dalit’.

  7. Proud Indian
    January 18, 2016

    Ha ha ha…everybody is trying to do some act to become media attractions.. but these idiots do not understand that some politicians, medias, NGOs are using them like condoms and throwing…Education should give them better wisdom…unfortunately, most of these people are getting admission & positions without knowing the value of these and are either abused by the people who gave it or getting abused. His letter does not seem to be written by him. He seem to be another case of politician’s abuse. India is a strong country and these cheap politicians, foreign funded NGOs & media cannot make India becoming a strong country. In a population of 1.25 billion, everyday so many commit suicide, so many get killed. But media & dirty filthy politicians & NGOs chooses. Every so called educated person should think and act/react.

  8. Babb
    January 18, 2016

    Dear sasi and ranjith.. people like u r the reason dalits find themselves in a helpless siruations to convert to other religions.. specially christianity… Educate urself U morons!!

  9. January 18, 2016

    Dear Rothith Vemula,
    You are a Gem !
    You have passed away, but your spirit will remain ! Your Spirit of Achievement will remain, others will take the light from you and fight for Justice !
    May Your Soul Rest in Peace !
    The above words are the kind of words we need to address everyone – whether
    he is a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Dalit !
    Swami Vivekananda taught such equality !
    Swamiji said : We accept all religions as true and equal when he spoke in USA !
    Swamiji lived with a muslim for sometime. When someone asked him : Hey
    Swamiji , You stay with a muslim ? Swamiji replied : I am not scared of God, I am
    Scared of people Like You !
    Such Spirit of Loveliness should exist in our country, for He The Lord God
    Lord Shiva has said that he will create many religions and at the end create
    destruction and Later Equality of All, so everything is God’s Play !
    Whether he comes as Kalki or whether he comes as another form, He Will come
    and Create Equality !
    Swami Vivekanandaji also said : Our country was ruined since the time we
    invented the word ” mleccha ” means untouchable
    The pseudobrahminism practiced by many in our country was condemned
    by Swamiji Swamiji Lived East and West and Walked and travelled the globe
    and practiced what he preached and set an example to others

    Dr BR Ambedkar wanted to abolish Caste system

    The Harijans are the Men of Hari as Per Mahatma Gandhi

    We learn a lot and still we complain and Tease and Divide people,
    Illtreat them and go to the extent of killing them

    Go with the concept of Hindu – Muslim Bhai and see the
    difference !

    The fellows of upper caste are crushing the lower caste based
    on reservation and troubling them and haunting them day and

    Hence Dalit deaths happen in our country

    The Acid Test for PseudoBrahmin Rogue Raghuram Rajan has
    also been done at RBI Hyderabad

    The Rogue Brahmin Gang at 3rd Floor RBI , Hyderabad has such a
    mentally sick and perverted Attitude towards SC ST people

    Was surprised when I gave a complaint on Citibank to RBI ,
    They Kept Calling me SC , SC and Laughing about me

    I gave the Second complaint to RBI and in my 2nd complaint
    told the Rogue floor occupied by Pseudobrahmins that
    I don’t belong to a ” Scheduled Caste ” and I gave a letter
    in writing about how Citibank cheats customers and that is
    the way how black money is Made, How Statements and
    Totaling and Illegal Interest and Multiple Purchases
    are shown for a Single Purchase

    The RBI Governor Pseudobrahmin fool Raghuram Rajan
    and his Rogue Brahmin Gang are operating this way
    inside RBI itself calling people SC, ST and mocking
    and making fun, then how can you expect ordinary
    institutions to operate ?

    Since my complaints, the RBI and citibank is silent on me,
    If any SC ST or Dalit organizations are ready to help,
    I can show you about the Rogues and the way they
    Treat SC , ST people in such Fake Brahmin Gangs

    On the first day, just close to RBI I found Ambedkar Activists doing a dharna
    on the issue of Caste and inside RBI these rogue brahmin women are
    Moking SC, ST people

    My complaint is on Citibank and the Bank name is falsely booked as State bank of India

    These Weak Crooked brahmins are afraid to write the Truth about Citibank
    because it is Rothschild owned bank and they will be Killed if its name is
    exposed, hence they want to name the names of our Indian Banks when
    someone complains on Citibank or other Rothschilds owned foreign banks

    What Kind of Brahmins are these ?

    The Fun part : After the short Drama in RBI,
    Outside a Guy met me and told me :
    ” Boss I am a ST, we Cut Pigs, Any Problem ?”
    He clearly had a attitude about his life with
    a Care not attitude about the perverted brahmin
    women on the 3rd floor of RBI hyderabad
    He knew how they treated an SC person before
    inside RBI , that is what he has conveyed to me

    That is the attitude to be maintained by everyone
    like this guy without any care for such low
    mean minded perverted people who proud
    of their caste think that they are the rulers

    Such is the Carelessness of people who know
    how the Crooked brahmins inside RBI Treat
    Dalits because of their Crooked , Perverted
    Foreign Bakra Rothschild Chamcha Raghuram Rajan

    Hope We will fight for the best of Dalits and Hammer
    the Fellows who Create Discrimination

    We can even Sack this Kind of RBI Governor and achieve
    Truth Hindutva by a Strong Economy !

    We can together fight out the people who are involved
    in Intolerance secretly like cunning fox and weed them
    and expose them before the Indian society !

    Peace be to Rohith Vemula Once again !

    If my message has been strong enough and conveyed
    the true feeling of a fellow Indian, I am satisfied and
    let us preserve the bright people of our nation !
    Thank You !
    Sharath Chandra

  10. kritika vardhan
    January 18, 2016

    its sad …
    this letter truly depicts the situation of him . i must say this guy was courageous.. ..
    bt somewhere he took the wrong step. he was depressed bt he just took the wrong way …

  11. Raj Thackersey
    January 18, 2016

    Apparently he was sad that Yakub Memon was hanged.

  12. January 19, 2016

    Everybody Just read the letter once…you will realize the pain through which he was going
    you are not alone Rohit !!!
    Just wondering How great a “WRITER” you could be

  13. Sarav
    January 19, 2016

    Bro, you should have fought and become the next Ambedkar to abolish this caste system, and India desperately needs one.

    But By gones are by gones. RIP Bro…

  14. January 21, 2016

    Rohit Vemula a Dickehead, who had Expired with his Toxicity or garbage mouth. Its really good that he died, but I feel bad that still 4 dickeheads are alive… Rohit a Communist and Strong Supporter of Hyderabad Terrorist Owasi brothers and where he challenged the hanging of mother fucker yakub menon… Rest in Hell you M-Fuc**

  15. Sanjeev
    January 22, 2016

    Fuck you Rohith.

    Good that you died.

    Do revolutionary activities and promote hellish idea of ISLAM in the hell.

    Wish soon your gang member also accompany you in the hell.

  16. kush
    March 5, 2016

    Stop all this nonsense. why you all people divide INDIA in casts. We live in 21st century , so grow up now it’s time to know ourselves by only one cast and that is ” INDIAN.”

  17. lol
    June 4, 2016

    i am a “DALIT MARXIST”
    LOL ……………hahaha stupid commies

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