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Recently, I was talking with a friend about why suicide is the worst possible route to take no matter how hard life might seem. Barely a few weeks later, she took her own life.

Last year, another really good friend of mine who I’ve hung out, worked along, etc also took his own life. And I will not talk about the suicide attempts I’m seeing around me, that deserves a whole other research paper and since I’m not qualified to do so, I’d rather leave that to experts. I’m just a simple film student who is driven by emotions to write this today with not much research other than a few googles here and there.
We have to do away with the idea that depression, anxiety, stress and every other thing that cause suicide is simply because they are weak, research shows that it is actually a physical disease where the chemistry in the brain goes haywire for various reasons.

Although the most well known cause is traumatic experiences in the past, we have to understand that this is not the only cause. As mentioned before, this is a growing phenomenon as society progresses so society has a major impact on the growing suicide rates.

Parents way of caring for their child has been twisted to such an extent where we don’t even recognize what a child really needs anymore. Yes, I’ll repeat that parents love their children as much as any other time in history. But it seems that this generation of parents is more concerned about what material can they provide for their children right now and after they retire. They fail to recognize that a child’s biggest concern is that they are noticed by their parents and loved by them.

If a parent thinks that they will really bond after they retire, you can be sure that by then, they are simply really close strangers.

I personally know a mother and her child who can act like the perfect definition of the relationship between a mother and a son. But behind the facade, it is clear that they are too deep into this awkward relationship of never really bonding and just simply existing with each other. It is a pain to observe such a thing.

Remember those old stories about how a son/daughter is really close to their mother and barely see their father because he goes to work for the family. Now imagine that but in the modern setting where both parents are basically fathers and no one is at home to actually be with the child.

I want to say that in this modern world where both parents work, both parents need to work out some way to spend time with their child as much as possible. Do this and I promise you it will almost exterminate suicide from modern society for young adults. And I’m not talking about simply sitting and reading a book while your child is playing xbox, I’m talking about actually interacting with them.

Onward to what friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc can do to help combat this growing disease which takes way more life than Ebola, h1n1, etc combined each year. I think we’re all educated enough to know that one should never downplay anyone’s symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc. If you’re too lazy to actually help and save someone’s life, don’t put salt on the wound and make fun of what they’re going through.

If you actually want to do good in this world, when someone actually talk about going through such things, you can recommend them to get help and simply supporting them to do so. If it is nothing serious then at least they got confirmation that it’s nothing to be scared about, if not then you can say you helped save a life. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

And this is for the person going through such troubling things, if everyone else fails to help you as they always have for the millionth time, it’s time you actually admit to yourself that it is a massive problem that you need to address as soon as possible. Stop waiting for someone to tell you to do so, you have nothing to lose and all to gain. Don’t you want to be happy with your life, your family, your very existence. Life is very short, you have to make the best out of it and stop waiting to make yourself happier.

If you want to talk to someone and can’t find anyone to confide to, there are hundreds of places you can call or email to which you can find simply by googling for barely 10 seconds of your life.

Let’s stop talking about this topic in a hush-hush manner behind closed doors and actually realize how many of our brothers and sisters have fallen to this awful disease and actually try to do something about it.

Thank you for taking a bit of your time to read through this poorly researched emotionally fuelled piece written in the heat of the moment. Let’s move forward by promising ourselves to save at least one life.


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Bandame Lyndem is currently studying at the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute - SRFTI, Kolkata. He is also the video producer and editor of Cryptographik Records which is an independent label based in Shillong interested in raising the profile of Independent Music in the State of Meghalaya.

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