Mr. Bashan Laloo, SP (Traffic) of Shillong broke a musician’s fingers for Traffic Violation

On 19th December around 7.00pm,  Manavon Massar, musician,  was brutally beaten by Bashan J Laloo, SP(Traffic), Shillong many times with a lathi just because Manav overtook some cars. Manavon was with a fractured left hand, broken finger apart from other bruises. Read Manavon’s account of this brutal ordeal perpetrated by the officer of the Meghalaya Police. 

Manavon Massar’s injured left hand. Manavon is a keyboard player and is also left handed

So I had driven 18 hours to Dambuk , played orange festival and then drove back so obviously was kinda exhausted. Still must keep the show going so had gone to check the sound for tomorrow’s gig. Its not my fault but the Shillong traffic police’s for not finding a solution to the traffic problem. I was caught in a jam for long, and already being exhausted and restless, the other side was clear so I overtook for a bit near Assam Auto filling station, driving a small Maruti I did not disturb any body. I didn’t know that I overtook an SP’s Bolero, he being a mad man chased me took me out of my car and lathi charged me continuously till I was on my fours while his gunmen held my friend and artist  Dharmesh Parmar . I had no time to understand what happened or to say sorry or to explain or anything. He thought I was an outsider driving an assam registration so he was speaking to me in Hindi and hit me till I got a chance to speak and spoke to him in khasi and got him surprised. I asked why have you beaten me so much , he said [su_quote]if this was garo hills I will just shoot you. [/su_quote]They sent me to the Laitumkhrah Traffic Police station , I was feeling dizzy and felt like throwing up so I asked for the toilet went to throw up, so the other cops so I was really suffering so asked me to take a seat. I did but as soon as the SP entered he poked me with his lathi and was hitting me again asking me who asked me to sit. [perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]He took me to another room asked me to sit on the floor while he lit a cigarette and abused me more. [/perfectpullquote]

He asked me how much I drank, they did a test and it came out negative cause i had just left from home. He then said look at me I must be drug addict so they sent for another medical which also came out negative. In the hospital they did test for drugs I asked why they treated me like this and they said this is what is written from the cop.

I feel discriminated because of the lifestyle we choose. Now I have fractured finger and thumb, that too on my left hand and I am left handed. My calf and other parts of my body also hurts so much that I cant walk , stand or sleep at ease. This man called SP B.J Laloo doesn’t know that my hands are my only source for my daily bread and has taken me places and I still need to go many places and he might have taken that away that in this time of season. The guy himself said that if this was garo hills he would shoot me, You know if this was garo hills I would leave my keyboard and pick up an M16.

Bashan J Laloo, SP(Traffic), Meghalaya Police

Why you don’t catch the rapist, the terrorist, the murderers same way but only bully those with less physical strength or without a gun. Please come for tomorrow’s gig, from now on I can’t rest till I get my justice, I don’t want no peace. Those who know me know how music is important in my life and I am so handicapped right now. I know I was guilty for overtaking I would have taken my punishment but did i deserve this much?

Postscript : Manavon has filed a FIR with the Police and has also complained to the Meghalaya Human Rights Commission. You can read the FIR here

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Manavon Massar Written by:

Reggae music performer and promoter.


  1. Uday baruah
    December 21, 2018

    We r all with u

  2. nick
    December 21, 2018

    what a shame???? so they think it’s just okay to beat a guy from Assam registration number plate…this discrimination has to be changed .This bloody goons in uniform has to pay the price…More power to you brother..We are with you..much love..

  3. Alvina Joyce
    December 21, 2018

    I know Manov since he was a toddler n he’s a gifted boy n hes also the organist/pianist at my church All Saints Cathedral, Shillong..on 23 Rd our church is organising a candle light service..thanks to you foolish BJ Laloo for ruining our spirit of Christmas and for ruining the choir of all saints…..will you play the organ/piano for us on Christmas day???May God forgive you for hurting innocent people..

  4. Bjied Lawri
    December 21, 2018

    This is what called a misuse of power any officer should be arrested for such act……Shall the government act something on this or the authority…..if no it is again human right and fundamental right.

  5. Lofinia Mawrie
    December 21, 2018

    So they say ” With great power comes great responsibility….looks like he does lack the latter….big time

  6. Dedrict Binong
    December 23, 2018

    I’m very sad to hear such news… And I’m very sorry bro.. Whatever happened to you is very hurt and painful for… Me… And I request to the competent authority to take immediate action for such barbaric act in this 21st generation …and he deserved same punishment what he did…

  7. December 27, 2018

    I am with Manav I think I know him somehow or saw him since we are from the same region. I am with artistes. And for Mr. Laloo you are most welcome to Garo Hill’s. And I pray Mr. Manav recovers soon. Their might have been some misunderstanding. Solve it out with talks. It is not required to bring the gun game. If hatred is involved both sides pay. Request them to go with the law.

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