Mr. India from Haflong bribes Meghalaya electorate with a song


When I was young
I had a band
I used to play Shillong
Smoked a joint
Jammin in the house of the wallangs
Talking about Love and Peace
Listening to Dylan
Oh those were the days
of Mystical Shillong
Scotland of the East, PB, Laitumkhrah, Laban
Now I realise
It was just a big Haflong 

Vote Deu

Times are a changing
And we have to be the change
Not just Khasi Bloodz
We are all soulmates
Lou Majaw ate orange
But that is just a game
Stand up for yourself
and Reject the face if it’s the same
Let us vote the system=0
New Meghalaya=1


Vote Deu


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Daniel Langthasa Written by:

Daniel Langthasa lives in Haflong, DIMA HASAO DISTRICT AUTONOMOUS COUNCIL, Assam and is the member of Digital Suicide

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