#NOSTATENOREST – a song by Digital Suicide

Should Shillong be ashamed? Or, was it business as usual?
On 28th August 2015,  Digital Suicide (DS), were stopped by the stooges of corporate sponsors from performing in Clod9. Clod9 is a popular weekend retreat for the elite of Shillong or the Crap Rock Capital (CROC) of India. DS were doing what they do best, gandi baat as in political baat or showing up the scandal of so called sponsored Indie Music in India.
Banned in ShillongDS are Daniel Langthasa & Dpak Borah,  an operation from Haflong/Guwahati who ‘write protest music with gadgets’.
Raiot will be soon putting out more of DS musical subversions and a weird interview too.

The Digital Suicide
Digital Suicide

So start off by listening to their song #NOSTATENOREST
[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEGR8jheXAo” width=”800″ height=”600″]


Long Live
Long Live

No state
No rest

I must confess
that I don’t know how to rap

But I have a lot to say
Need to get it out ASAP
And so I imitate
SHARE #viral
in anti social media
30 and suicidal
I’m still fighting with my India???

This has got to stop
And our nation wants to change
But too many people jerking off
watching two people dance
Civil war still raging
Ache Din when coming
Bhaad me jaye
I’m rooting for religion

No state
No rest

I am a chinky
high on mainstream
Bollywood on my radio
Sowed and raped
A roadkill
Just youporn my video
My intention is pure
I speak less and listen more
But I,proud to be an Indian
Hum kamyaab honge
I’m a late bloomer
Firing Rhyme
With timeline
in blame game

Aur kya bahana??
Madarchod zamana
It’s a demokkrazy
Aur main hoon ek aam aadmi

No state
No rest

And they call me a terrorist
they put some guns on me

I’m an artist
And would you kindly check the records
Last heard…
My hero is dead
And his killers are leaders

Yes, they call me a terrorist
they put some bombs on me
I’m an artist
Putting actions into words, my lord!

No state
No rest

I’m just rebel with a cause

No state
No rest

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  1. December 1, 2015

    good time to share good n bad things happens in shillong 🙂

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