Officials confirm that in Meghalaya people were illegally issued with Aadhaar without any Proof of Address

On October 17, 2017, Meghalaya government issued a curious press release. It said that, [su_quote]that good numbers of AADHAAR CARDs are lying undelivered at Shillong GPO due to incomplete address of the addressee, given in the cover containing Aadhaar Card.[/su_quote]

The statement of Sr. Supiritendent of Post Offices, Meghalaya also made another shocking admission that [su_quote]Most of the Aadhaar Card received at Shillong GPO do not have the complete address and simply mentioned the name of the person and address given as Shillong, hence it is difficult for the postman to deliver the same to the public.[/su_quote]


While the actual number of cards is not known, the Government of Meghalaya said that the localities under the delivery jurisdiction of Shillong GPO were Dhankhetti, Lachumiere, Malki, Pine Mount, NCC, 29 Cantonment, Civil Hospital, Rhino, Pine Walk, Barik, IGP Point, Governor House, All India Radio Road, Bivar Road, M.C. Road, Bishop Cotton Road, Oakland, Polo Road, Polo Bazar, Jail Road, Sadar Police Station, Quinton Road, Thana Road, Police Bazar, Umsohsun, Mawkhar, Wahingdoh, Keating Road, Lady Keane area, Forest Colony, Lawmali, Polo Hills, Pynthorumkhrah, Shyiap and Langkyrding.

Now why is this public spirited act of GPO problematic?

  1. This basically means that the “address proof” of those Aadhaars are completely unverified.
  2. To get Aadhaar one needs Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and Proof of Date of Birth. Address such as Shillong can only mean that Aadhaar number/cards are being issued in Shillong without any diligence.

This press release goes on to confirm fears expressed by pressure groups like Khasi Students Union, who have for long opposed Aadhaar enrolments because they think that Aadhaar enrolment can be bent and be used to legalise ‘migration’ to Meghalaya.



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