PAPON gets Facebook to take down Mr. India’s critique of Brahmaputra Hindtuva Anthem

Remember Namami Brahmaputra, that terrible anthem with bad green screen video by some guy called Papon? Obviously you don’t. Why would you even remember that abomination. But you remember the Original or the Truth Version of that Chutiyami Brahmaputra Song by that guy from Haflong? Obviously you do.

But the Man who managed to make Kailash Kher, Shubha Mudgal, Vishal Dudlani & others shoddily fly over Brahmaputra now wants to hide his mediocre plagiarised effort by misusing copyright law to force Facebook to take down Mr. India’s brilliant truth version.

Papon ‘DADA’ do you know what parody is? Or your new found Hindutva masters have put you up to this stupidity?

Whatever it is, Mr. India’s TRUTH VERSION shall haunt your Chroma Key for a long time to come. Facebook, that refuge of foolish community standards may have taken down the video but it still exists on Youtube. Even if YOUTUBE caves down – it will still exist by any means necessary.

By the way who is Papon?


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  1. A True Assamese
    April 14, 2017

    তহঁত} অসমীয়া} নহয়}, লগতে সেই হাফলঙৰ ফটোৱাটোও।

  2. April 15, 2017

    Mr true Assamese .U r a photua Assamese. !

  3. Hiranya kr. Bora
    April 16, 2017

    Everybody knows you are too much dhoor, laut ke aaja mere mit, lot of time waiting for you.

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