Raioteers, once a week we deserve to unwind after the crappy craziness of Indian politics and the gradual obliteration of our senses and so we introduce Raiot Jukebox to nudge out the noise with soothing (and sometimes not so soothing) music. If you have jukebox suggestions, do send us your playlist.

Hi guys, Avner Pariat here. Just wanted to share three old songs from an old album. These are from 2005. Somehow I managed to get my hands onto The Bravery’s debut album courtesy of a dodgy guy in a Delhi by-lane. Turns out it was a well-packaged fake but every single song was in it, so I didn’t really mind.

The Bravery were never a very big band. The reason I heard of them was mainly because they were supposed to have been the chief rivals of The Killers. Those were the years when every band in the world had to have the word “the” somewhere in their name. One day we shall have to explain that phenomenon to our kids.

It’s been more than a decade since but nostalgia is what raiot.in is famous for (not really) so here you go, folks. Enjoy. Again.








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