RAIOT WEBZINE’s utterly useless guide to Shillong & Meghalaya – 2016


As we come from the land of the cleanest, highest, lowest, deepest, firstest, buromest, we need to confess to our very own claim to fame – RAIOT is the first online gutterzine of Bishop Cotton Road, Shillong. If the conversations in the Burom class sitting room are anything to go by, this gutter RAIOT view of the world is finally finding its calvinistic place in the far reaches of Meghalaya. So enjoy this curated award-winning best selection of 2016 writings (in North Europe) on Shillong. 

Laugh at inappropriate moments

Monday, January 4 – Earthquake Endtimes Humour – a video by Jo, the Khasi guy (by Raiot Collective)
Friday, March 4 – [Breaking News] Haflong is the new Rock Capital of India (by Raiot Collective)
Tuesday, August 30 – Mawlynnong declared Photoshop Capital of Asia (by Khubor Phan)
Tuesday, December 6 – Watch MeECL transformer blow up in Laitumkhrah, Shillong (by Raiot Collective)
Friday, April 1 – (Revealed) “It was because of Shillong that RSS shifted from Khaki shorts to trousers” (by Khubor Phan)
Wednesday, April 13 – Shillong Earthquake Poem(by Lalnunsanga Ralte)

Ask the obvious questions like, who is a Khasi?

Wednesday, February 17 – Is Indigenous the same as Minority? The curious case of the Seng Khasi/Sein Raij (by Phrangsngi Pyrtuh)
Friday, February 19 – The Khasis as Hindus (by Avner Pariat)
Tuesday, January 19 – On Indigenous Question – a musical commentary (by Daniel Langthasa)
Friday, January 29 – On Khasi identity crisis (by Raiot Collective)
Monday, May 9 – #ChinkySong (by Daniel Langthasa)
Thursday, March 24 – When traditional marriage ceremony came back to Changpung village in Jaintia Hills (by Laldawnpuii Sailo)
Wednesday, July 20 – Ka Alphabet Pnar bad ka Bor Natrai (by Avner Pariat)
Thursday, September 8 – Desiring a Lost Khasi Culture (by Gertrude Lamare)
Sunday, January 17 – CHRISTIANITY: A FORCE FOR GOOD IN MEGHALAYA? (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)
Sunday, April 10 – Politics of Religion in Khasi-Jaintia Hills (by Wanphrang Diengdoh)
Wednesday, March 16 – Beyond religious debates in Khasi-Jaintia Hills (by Avner Pariat)
Thursday, June 9 – Some questions for us Khasis (by Wanphrang Diengdoh)
Saturday, May 21 – Are we Khasis racist? (by Donbok Lang Majaw)
Tuesday, May 24 – The Madonna in a Matrilineal society (by Laetitia Warjri)

Shillong as a (C)Rap C(Rock) Capital & other hill station feel good stories

Wednesday, December 7 – Shillong: A Heartless City (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)
Saturday, August 6 – (VIDEO) The Silent World of Mawlai’s Deprived (by Raiot Collective)
Wednesday, January 6 – Ode to my town (by Silvester Phanbuh)
Wednesday, August 24 – When Khyndailad/Police Bazaar Burnt Down (by Sdenzil Budon)
Saturday, September 10 – Early Bengali Influences in the Commercial Heart of Shillong (by Rahul Saikia)
Monday, October 3 – In praise of an impure Shillong (by Silvester Phanbuh)
Thursday, September 15 – Shillong’s Ghosts of 47 (by Jennifer Thangkhiew)
Friday, July 15 – Nature dies in Shillong (by Leon Gabriel Kharkongor)
Saturday, January 9 – (EP1) Shillong Rock N Metal Scene feat. Plague Throat (by Raiot Collective)
Monday, April 18 – The Smart City of Shillong: a danger to Democracy? (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)
Monday, January 18 – Shortcut (by Silvester Phanbuh)
Wednesday, February 10 – Metal Mayhem – A documentary from Shillong (by Raiot Collective)
Wednesday, March 2 – Yawn Capital of India – Shillong Music Scene (by Avner Pariat)
Thursday, December 22 – Jesus, Man Force Condoms & other Shillong flavours (by Gertrude Lamare)
Wednesday, April 27 – 200 meters to redemption : on Meghalaya wine store clampdown(by Asheen Chowdhury)

Oh the world of egalitarian, well governed matrilineal Meghalaya

Friday, May 13 – (Panama Papers) Influential Meghalaya businessmen hide their wealth in offshore tax-havens (by Raiot Collective)
Wednesday, May 18 – Political Profiteering in Meghalaya (by Babet Sten)
Monday, January 11 – How sick is Meghalaya’s Health System?(by Phrangsngi Pyrtuh)
Saturday, March 19 – Supreme Court slams Meghalaya HC for taking Suo Motu Cognizance on Meghalaya Lokayukta Act 2014 (by Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR))
Thursday, August 25 – Sickness of Meghalaya’s Health Sector (by Roney Lyndem)
Saturday, October 1 – Outsourcing Development : Solution or the Problem? (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)
Tuesday, April 12 – CMman vs. CEMman – a very Meghalaya story (by Khubor Phan)
Tuesday, March 29 – Shaphang ka jingshah batbor ha ki rynsan jong ka internet (by Gertrude Lamare)
Tuesday, April 5 – Selective outrage won’t stop rapes in ‘matrilineal’ Meghalaya (by Agnes Kharshiing)
Thursday, October 13 – Long struggle to convict rapist coal baron Small Phawa (by Agnes Kharshiing)
 Saturday, June 4 – Water Woes in Meghalaya : Anatomy of a PHE Scam (by Himanshu Upadhyaya)
Tuesday, June 7 – Sale! Sale! Sale! North East India for Sale! (by Linda Chhakchhuak)

Not so Secret Histories

Sunday, November 13 – Remember, remember the Churches of Shillong (by Samrat Ray)

Friday, January 29 – Was Thomas Jones the Father of Khasi Alphabet? (by K Mark Swer)

Monday, November 7 – A Short History of Khasi Comic Books (by Joshua Rynjah)

Friday, January 15 – Listening at/to the border (by Moushumi Bhowmik)

Sunday, August 28 – Tales of Shillong graffiti (by Gertrude Lamare)

Saturday, March 12 – 1932 amateur film of Iewduh Shillong (by Raiot Collective)

Bad Tourist Guides and even worse tourist photocrappers

Sunday, July 31 – Ultimate Unsustainable Tourist guide to Meghalaya (by Gerald Duia)
Thursday, May 12 – Travel and its motives (by Reeju R)
Tuesday, August 16 – There can be no Monolith(ic) Festival of the Khasis (by Gertrude Lamare)
Saturday, May 21 – No one dies in the city during a festival (by Nabanita Kanungo)
Sunday, January 24 – Games Khasis play (by Nida Hynniewta)
Friday, April 15 – Shillong through the lens of a 5MP mobile camera (by Raiot Collective)
Friday, April 29 – Lost in the Clouds : Tourism in Meghalaya (by James Perry)
Thursday, October 13 – Hole in the Hill (by Biren Mukerjee)
Monday, October 24 – Roads that Cut: Traveling Ri Bhoi and Beyond (by Gertrude Lamare)
Saturday, June 25 – State Central Library Companion (by Willie Gordon Suting)
Saturday, July 9 – Reviving River Myntdu, Reviving a lost culture (by Rucha Chitnis)
Wednesday, July 13 – Behdieiñkhlam: Reliving the stories (by H. H. Mohrmen)
Wednesday, July 13 – Ka Phalang Jingmut Ha Ka Aiom Beh Dieiñ Khlam (by Rev. Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh)

Voyeurs & vultures  

Tuesday, November 29 – “I don’t have a house, car, or bank balance” (by Samrat Choudhury)
Tuesday, June 14 – Move on Up (by Divya Guha)
Thursday, September 15 – Shillong’s Ghosts of 47 (by Jennifer Thangkhiew)
Friday, August 19 – DANIELLA (by Patricia Mukhim)
Friday, April 8 – UN Sun Kahan Hai? In search of UN Sun (by Tarun Bhartiya)
Wednesday, October 26 – An Old Bearded Poet Walks the City (by Hoshang Merchant)
Sunday, June 19 – Memoirs of a Hawker’s son (by S. Lana)
Wednesday, August 10 – On the Chinkyness of Saif Ali Khan (by Avner Pariat)
Monday, June 27 – FOXTROT TANGO KHASI (by K Mark Swer)
Wednesday, June 29 – Prologue to ‘Ka Marynthing Rupa’ by Webster Davis Jyrwa (by Raiot Collective)
Wednesday, May 4 – Pijush Dhar doesn’t live in Shillong anymore (by Robin Ngangom)
Saturday, May 7 – Why are we angry? (by Leon Gabriel Kharkongor)
Saturday, May 28 – Why I Run? (by Gerald Pde)
Tuesday, July 19 – Why I ran Sohra/Cherrapunjee Marathon for Irom Sharmila? (by Mallika Taneja)
Saturday, July 30 – Khasi Bloodz – SICKEST RHYMSTERS FROM SHILLONG (by Asheen Chowdhury)
Tuesday, June 21 – Now listen to The Fentones from Shillong (by Raiot Collective)

Reach for your guns – culture comes 

Wednesday, October 12 – ANIME pleasures in Shillong (by Bandame Lyndem)
Tuesday, July 5 – 10 Step Primer for budding (North East) Writers (by Avner Pariat)
Friday, October 28 – NH7 at Bhoirymbong – fest review and a few suggestions (by Asheen Chowdhury)
Tuesday, January 26 – Which Homeland? A review of National award winning Khasi film Ri(by Gertrude Lamare)

Sunday, August 28 – The Drum Beat (by Dominic Sangma)
Monday, September 26 – dare to think SHLUR BAN PYRKHAT (by Raiot Collective)

Friday, September 16 – Rong’kuchak (Echoes) (by Dominic Sangma)

 Saturday, April 16 – 1989 Calendar of Shillong Poets & Artists (by Raiot Collective)
Monday, April 18 – KICKING from the CORNER (by Vikram Buragohain)
Tuesday, October 11 – Football in the time of mass deception (by Sanjay Barbora)
Monday, May 23 – Not all Rappers are Lyricists (by Prophet Of Esoterical Metaphors)
Saturday, October 15 – JOYS OF DRINKING (KOLKATA/SHILLONG) (by Avner Pariat)
Thursday, October 20 – A Defense of the Commons (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)

Radioactive futures

Saturday, July 16 – Should Uranium be mined in Meghalaya? (by Habari Warjri)
Thursday, July 21 – Leave the Thlen of Uranium alone(by H. H. Mohrmen)
Monday, July 11 – Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda (Khasi version)(by Raiot Collective)
Friday, July 29 – Meghalaya’s Uranium Curse(by Bhogtoram Mawroh)
Saturday, July 16 – SHUT ‘UM DOWN – Playlist for Anti-Uranium Struggle in Meghalaya(by Raiot Collective)
Sunday, July 31 – Kolkata rappers RAP no to URANIUM MINING in Meghalaya (by Andrew Lyndem)
Tuesday, August 9 –  Ngin jop ne ngin shah jop ( URANIUM ) (by Forwardman Nongrem)

Party of Malcontents  

Wednesday, September 21 – Are the poor in Meghalaya lazy? (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)
Thursday, May 19 – North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong Campus – a student’s eye view (by Mawphniang Napoleon Marx)
Wednesday, January 6 – In praise of Hawkers (by Avner Pariat)
Monday, June 13 – Overview of the North Eastern Regional Domestic Workers’ Movement (NERDWM) (by North Eastern Regional Domestic Workers’ Movement)
Tuesday, November 8 – U Aadhaar, YM DONKAM (by Roney Lyndem)
Saturday, November 26 – Citizen’s guide to the laws about Hawkers & Vendors (by Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR))
Sunday, November 27 – Can the Hawker issue be solved in Shillong? (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)
Friday, June 17 – Why Saiden village in Meghalaya started its own library? (by Bhogtoram Mawroh)

And that demonetised dkhar called Modi at the doors of our land

Friday, May 27 – Jinglaitluid na ka BJP, CONGRESS bad ki khwan myntoi shimet na la iïng(by Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR))
Friday, May 27 – Shillong’s Fever (by Robin Ngangom)
Tuesday, May 31 – Youth in Acche Din (by Bandame Lyndem)

And finally, our unsung role in the disaster called ROCK ON 2 

Saturday, February 20 – Did Rock On 2 plagiarise (Late) E. Brektist R. Wanswett’s famous Khasi song? (by Raiot Collective)


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