Staff of Shillong Raj Bhavan allege that Governor’s House turning into a “young ladies’ club”

As RAIOT reported, the story of shocking acts at the Raj Bhavan, Shillong doesn’t seem to be dying down. Indian Express is now reporting that:

[su_quote]over 80 employees of the Shillong Raj Bhavan, from officers to peons, have sent a five-page letter to the Prime Minister’s Office and to Rashtrapati Bhavan demanding the immediate removal of Meghalaya Governor V Shanmuganathan. They have alleged that “his activities (have) hurt the decorum and prestige of the Raj Bhavan as well as sentiments of the Raj Bhavan employees.” The “activities,” as mentioned in the letter, include “seriously compromis(ing) the dignity” of Raj Bhavan, converting it into a “young ladies’ club”, causing severe humiliation, mental stress and torture” to employees.[/su_quote]

This whistle blowing letters assumes significance as the Raj Bhavan staff will be witnesses to any wrong doing in the Governor’s House. The letter as quoted by Indian Express also says:

[su_quote]The worst problem is that the Raj Bhavan has now under this Governor become a place where young ladies come and go at will with direct orders from the Governor. The security of the Governor’s house is also being seriously compromised[/su_quote]

INDIAN EXPRESS | Written by Samudra Gupta Kashyap | Guwahati | Published:January 26, 2017 4:34 am

This serious matter can not be resolved through a bog standard denial by the governor Mr. V Shanmuganathan who said that

[su_quote]I have not done anything wrong[/su_quote]

and the job applicants are

[su_quote]like my daughters and granddaughters [/su_quote]

The Shillong Times, 25 January, 2017

These allegations from various quarters demean the constitutional propriety expected out of the Governor of Meghalaya and can only be resolved through an independent investigation into the case as demanded by organisations in Meghalaya. Only an independent investigation can decide whether these allegations are being made by ‘vested interests’.


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