Syrwa Doh Masi Shyieng / Cow Bone Marrow Soup

Step 1. Buy bone marrow bones from a beef vendor ( at Rs. 20-30 you will get a big piece)

Step 2. Wash thoroughly in water.

Step3. Slice one big onion and a few pieces of garlic (garlic optional)

Step4. Put the bones in a pressure cooker and let it dry

Step 5. Add the onions and garlic and shake it about till they are slightly coloured.

Step 6. Add little mustard oil into the mix (maybe a teaspoon…..but i just guess)

Step 7. Let it fry a little until mustard oil smell decreases.

Step 8. Add salt and little ground pepper (the more pepper you add the spicier it gets) and shake it about.

Step 9. Add filtered water to it about half a mug or just enough to cover it all and close the cooker.

Step 10. Wait for 10 whistle/blows from the cooker and let it cool.

Step 11. Check if more water is needed to add or more boiling is needed to reduce it.

Have it as soup or with Rice, Fried potatoes and dry fish chutney (like I do)


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Roney Lyndem Written by:

Roney Lyndem works as counsellor and is a Union activist with Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR)

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  1. Ujwala Samarth
    April 9, 2017

    I have mentioned this before also wrt Hartman’s beef recipe article — you will only alienate (non-beef eating) people further and strenghten stereotypes if the only pictures you post with these great food articles are cow carcasses. Can you not post a more appetising picture? Even as an all-meat-eating omnivore, I find the pcitures hard to take. Hypocritical? Sure. But most of us meat-eaters are.

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