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April 4, 2021 /

Ka jingrwai bad jingshad Jerusalema ka mih na ka khyndew jong ka Ri South Africa, ka dei ka jingrwai bad jingduwai jong u/ka nongrwai ba u Blei un ialam ia u/ka sha ka nongbah jong ka jingsuk. Katkum ka kotkhubor Vanguard, ka jingrwai Jerusalema ka ai mynsiem bad ai jingkyrmen khamtam eh ia ki nong Palestine ne ki Arab jong ka Palestine bad ha ka video kaba la ring ha ka kyntoit shnong kaba kyrteng ka Babal Majlies kaba don ha East Jerusalem, ki samla ki їashad ha ka sur jong kane jingrwai ryngkat ka rukom shad tynrai jong ki. Kaei kaba shon bad ktah eh ia ki nong Palestine ne Arab jong ka Palestine ka dei ki kyntien bad ka jingmut kiba don ha kane ka jingrwai. Ka jingrwai ka dei ka jingduwai ba u Blei un ai pat ia ka Nongbah jong ka jingsuk. Ha kajuh ka por ka dei ruh ka jingduwai ban ioh ka jingїada, ka jingїalam lynti bad ka jingkmen.

April 12, 2020 /

With churches closed and annual pilgrimages cancelled, Christians across the world are wondering how to give thanks to God this Easter. And not just Christians – think also of “Chreasters”. Do you attend church only at Christmas and Easter? If so, you’re a Chreaster, and you’re not alone

April 1, 2018 /

Easter is one of those times of year when even the most irregular churchgoer can feel impelled to don their Sunday best and attend a service. This joyful highpoint of the Christian calendar – and the darker-toned days of the Passion which precede it – may not nowadays have quite the same all-pervading presence in the secular consciousness as Christmas. But this time of year has captured the imagination of composers through the ages – not least because the Church was one of the few steady employment options available for composers for centuries. The result has been some of the best-loved, most enduring, and most ethereally transcendent pieces in the choral repertoire.