Tag: Good Friday

April 2, 2021 /

Ngin plie ia ka khubor Good Friday ha kane ka por da ki kyntien na ka Gospel U Їoannis 11:49-50, “…u Kaїaphas uba la long u rangbah lyngdoh ha kata ka snem, u la ong. “A katno phi long kiba bieit! Hato phim sngewthuh ba ka kham bha ia phi ban shah ba uwei u briew un їap na ka bynta ka jaitbynriew,  ban ia kaba ka jaitbynriew baroh kawei kan jot noh?”- Kane kam dei ka jingkren rhem mynsiem ieit jaitbynriew jong u Kaїaphas ne ba u їaroh ia u Jisu ba u long u riewshlur uba їap na ka bynta kiwei pat. Hynrei kane ka shat phalang ia ka seng pyrkhat kaba la pun hapoh u Kaїaphas bad ha ki dkhot jong ka Dorbar Sanhedrin kiba thrang dik dik ba u Jisu un їap noh bad ban pynkut noh ia ka jingim bad ki kam kiba khraw jong u.

April 10, 2020 /

Every Good Friday, I have grown up listening to  sermons about what happened on the cross, how Jesus was tortured, those nails, those thorns, the blood and those last words of Jesus on the cross. But this year and in the midst of the corona pandemic as a Pastor preparing sermon reflecting on the death of Christ, it just came to my mind that well for so many years it was always, “what happened on the cross?”
Well this time I felt that my reflection should be about:  Jesus telling the world what the Cross is all about and why was he crucified on it?

March 30, 2018 /

Some Christians have a hard time reckoning with the reality of the crucifixion, and it is often glossed over in favor of the more dramatic (and positive) Resurrection on Sunday.  As solemn as Easter Sunday often is (at least in my family), it is usually easier for people to celebrate life than death. But the crucifixion is just as important as the resurrection.  They are two sides of the same Easter coin, and without a proper understanding of the crucifixion, we cannot hope to fully understand the resurrection.