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With the Art of Living (AOL) or “beautifully-clad-in-white-posh-yoga-teachers-teaching-patented-and-expensive-SudarshanKriya-and-useless-sermons-of-the-man-called-SriSriRavishankar” sickness plaguing Shillong – we thought it was high time that our town needed some serious fumigation. Before you join his “Love Bandwagon” in Polo on 15th December (Is AOL paying the rent?) it is worthwhile to remember that this Ravishankar fellow is an ex-disciple of that successful peddler of Yogic Levitation called Mahesh Yogi (or in the words of the Beatles – Sexy Sadie) who packaged and patented ‘hopping’ as TM (transcendental meditation). The AOL cult beautifully hides its casteist Hindu foundation in hip-sounding “Archies card, New Age managerial speak”. So to “rise in love” we give you a list of links unmasking AOL so that whenever you hear Sri repeated twice you can LOL. 







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