Two poems

January 12th

A new hope has dawned upon the red earth tonight.

The torch burns bright once again from the eastern sky.

At midnight, the gates have opened.

The young, and the old, and the ageless

have raged together. Now they run free.


Jadavpur did not fail us.


Will the rays reach the coal mines of Northeast?

Will it wash away the dust off in Delhi?


Dog and feet


Just another 26th January

Dilli rains over a broken republic

The king of the world has come

along with his Indian pawn

and many others who adore them.

Women and men

dressed in uniforms

walk with a fake pride, their drill makes me laugh,

and cry at the same time.


Simple people

from humble backgrounds- exercising,

exposing to kill

flesh and blood in Chhattisgarh,

in Northeast and Kashmir.


So Dilli mocks.

And makes faces at them.

Dilli rains over this broken republic.


A hug huge enough to change the world.

Another election point scored.

Another baby born half at Domiasiat.


Excerpts from the collection of poems ‘For the Love of Pork’, Les Editions du Zaporogue  to be published next year


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Goirick Brahmachari Written by:

Goirick Brahmachari works as a consultant in NIPFP, a research org in New Delhi. He hails from Silchar, Assam. His articles and poems have appeared in various dailies and literary magazines.

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