What drives media agencies to publish insanely racist articles?

To say that the article (we wont link to the racist article) published by The Northeast Today about the relationship between ‘African nationals’ and ‘North-Eastern women’ is drivel would be to do injustice to drivel.

Let us first look at the allusions here. ‘African Nationals’ have been described as ‘ghetto dwellers’, as people with ‘hidden intentions’, as being involved in ‘illicit activities’. The author clearly has never met a colored person in his/her life and perhaps watched a gangster rap video as an adolescent which forever shaped his/her views on colored people.

While other ethnicities seem to have more mellow stereotyping against them, like Bengalis loving fish and Marwaris loving money. Black people really have it bad because they have to constantly prove that they’re not all drug crazed, slum dwelling criminals.

And what exactly is an ‘African National’ you ‘Asian dickwad’? The world has countries, international borders exist, countries have names so that they can be identified. In all the cases where this term has been used, one can’t help but feel that the author in his head was thinking, “Nigga” but because of the civilities of our time, restrained himself to the term ‘African National’. Not that it helped quell the racism much.

This has to be one of the most blatant cases of racial stereotyping ever published by a so-called legitimate media house. It sounds like a white supremacist mouthing off, but instead it’s some Indian guy who himself gets labeled ‘dkhar’ or ‘chinki’ all the time, and happily degrades colored people so that he too can join in the absurd merry-go-round of Indian racism where everybody hates each other, but we hate Africans and Bangladeshis the worst.

Racism TNT style
Racism TNT style

Let us now move on to the racial profiling of North Eastern women. This article looks to cater to the victim complex that people seem to lap up with such fervor these days. Yes, there are certain racist elements in the cities, but most people are too busy in the pursuit of trying to survive to really give in to the inner racist.

North Eastern women are not vulnerable, doe eyed, delicate little creatures who are constantly being harangued by society and are easily hoodwinked. If they were, they wouldn’t be out on their own and would be harangued and hoodwinked in the comfort of their own homes.

There are many strong, smart and independent women from the North Eastern states who thrive in the urban setting and work good jobs or attempt to fulfill their greatest academic potential in the best colleges in the country. Part of the deal about being smart, strong and independent is not doing things like marrying a foreign drug dealer.

The points made by the author also reek of legitimacy. In the first one, he/she seems to suggest that North Eastern women are more easily wooed by these ‘African Nationals’. The research that must have gone into reaching this conclusion must have been mind boggling, or it could just be an extension of the perception that North Eastern women are somehow ‘easy’.

The second and third points are contradictory, they are hated by the localities but the landlords entrust them their houses on rent. I hate you and want to do violent things to you, but hey! here’s the key to my house.

Everyone wants to lead a ‘funky lifestyle’ and ‘believe in fun’, kudos to the ‘African nationals’ and ‘North Eastern women’ for paving the way. I’d imagine the rampant alcoholism and frivolous lifestyle which the thought of funky lifestyle brings to mind could form a very huge barrier in a relationship, but not so, according to the author. As for the final point, this at least seems to be a genuine concern and should be looked at as a possible danger. But then again, we have enough drugs here, thank you very much.


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